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WoolWork KAL – A Tin Can Knits-along

You may have heard on the newest episode that we’re having a KAL!

It’s been a little while since we had a KAL (#WoolExploration and #GoodIntentions are, but also different!)  and what better way to celebrate the name change than a new knitalong?!

For a really long time I’ve fancied doing a Tin Can Knits KAL, so this winter we’re gonna do it!

If you aren’t aware, Tin Can Knits are friends and ace design team Emily Wessell and Alexa Ludeman. They are both from Canada, but Emily lives over on this side of the pond. The very fact that they work as a team and create together from across the miles blows my mind.  The other thing that impresses me and makes me love everything they create, is that all garments are from baby to adult and their patterns are always clear, simple, with the minimum fuss upon the page and beautiful photography. Further, they have incredible tutorials, help and advice over on their blog.

I’ve made quite a few TCK projects over the years and you will have heard me say all that stuff on the podcast and blog before, so it is quite ridiculous that I haven’t done a fully-fledged, Tin Can Knits-along before now.

The last couple of my -alongs have been focused on wool and also natures shades and the emphasis has been on making absolutely any pattern, by any designer. I’ve always liked to keep my knit-alongs as open and welcoming as possible, so that anyone can feel that they can come in and make pretty much anything they like. It makes Tin Can Knits the perfect choice because they have so many incredible designs, for all abilities and skills.

all images are copyright of Tin Can Knits

As well as liking to give a really wide choice of items to make for my KALS, I’ve always preferred to do two or three other things; a nice long lead up to the start date; no need to sign up anywhere (although Ravelry is great, we’re not all on it); and a nice loooong time to complete the item (or items!).

We will be casting on on Sunday, 1st December 2019.

You can make as many Tin Can Knits projects, from any of their books or single patterns as you like, in any material you like *

The cast off date will be 14th, February, 2020!

| What can I knit? 

Well, as already mentioned, you can knit any of the designs by Tin Can Knits! I think the beauty of this KAL is that most of you probably have at  least one of their patterns in your library (it appears I have 96!), but they also have their Simple Collection, which features 12 free patterns, from socks to hats and everything in between!

If you are in need of some pattern inspiration though, there is LOTS on their website and blog and they even have patterns grouped in the following categories

What do you think – are you in?  I’ve made and remade a fair few Tin Can Knits patterns over the years myself and I’m really looking forward to planning what to make (or remake) next!

Get yourself over to the WoolWork Ravelry group and let us know if you plan to participate and what you might make!


*  You don’t have to use British wool for this KAL, in fact you don’t have to use wool, you can use whatever you like… but you are encouraged to find your local wool and use it – whatever local may be to you (grown, spun or dyed). There will be prizes for this KAL , which I will mention in good time (cos its not about the prizes, its about the making) however, there will be prizes for items which have used local wool, for those intrepid local wool advocates!


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