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Cast off:

Lush Cardigan (Again)

Pattern:  (No Rav links)

Lush Cardigan by Tin Can Knits

Needle:  4 mm / 3.25mm


We went for a walk today at Glencourse Reservoir and, as you can see, it was the perfect autumnal day. I decided it was about time that I got my photo taken with my recent cast off. 

How many Lush cardigan’s have I made over the years? I forget – It might be double digits now, but maybe this is the fourth that I’ve made for me. I cast this on for the WoolWork Tin Can Knits Along, which was a long time ago and a house move (And then another) got in the way of me enjoying that fully. This is my second Lush in Wensleydale wool and truth be told I could really do with a cardigan in every colour of their range, but this time I plumped for the lovely Aubergine shade.

It is no secret that I really love this breed wool; it is beautiful worsted spun – it locks in all the shine and drape and I know that it wears really well. The only difference that I found this time was that the yarn was prone to split when I was picking up the stitches for the button band- it didn’t split whilst knitting though, just in that process. I did have to rip the button band (due to my own mistake) and even though it had split, it re-knitted fine. I would say that this version of the WLWSS Lush is a much lighter fabric than my previous WLWSS cardigan and I’ve also noticed that after a couple of wears it is pilling quite a bit on the inside, at the hem. Longtime listeners and readers will note that I have often spoken glowingly of how my Teal WLW cardigan did not pill. I guess this goes to remind us of two things – all wool will pil to some degree and mileage may vary between different spins of the same breed wool. I will pull those bad boys off and keep my cardi looking good!

I have said it all of the other times I have made any TCK design, but the pattern is really well set out and I love that there is always something in every one of their designs which holds your interest as you knit. My favourite part is making that leafy lacy yoke.

This time I decided to make longer sleeves and I should have made them a little looser, but I am going to re-block them. I may have to perform a little sleeve surgery.

I know that there are some knitters who don’t knit the same item more than once and that’s the Knitter’s Prerogative. There are quite a few things I’ve remade, mostly down to how it looks or fits, or I’ve enjoyed the process of making it. For me Lush is a really lovely fit and it goes with almost everything, so why not have two?


My first Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Shop Lush from 2013/14

Everyone who took part in the Tin Can Knits-along, I am so, so, long over due to draw the prizes for that and I pledge to do that very soon. I might ask TheLovelyFella to go on to R@velry to draw the winners, as I just cannot use that website at all. (I am sad how quiet the R@v saga went – so disappointed in the website creators. Its like they decided one day to open up this special wonderland where they put up signs saying ‘everyone welcome’ and then years later decided people with visual accessibility issues and disabilities, and neurodivergent people were excluded!)


  1. Nancy Dow says

    I am listening to a Scotland Outdoors podcast – Wool Works is the speaker/topic.
    Maybe you can help me find a ready made sweater. I was in Shetland Islands 9 years ago – bought a wonderful pull over sweater at a shop not far from the ferry terminal (I was traveling by foot – on my way to Norway – from London). I would love to have another
    jumper – thickness / quality the same as the one I bought then. Do you have a catalog of
    works on offer for sale to lovers of your products ?

    • Louise says

      That was myself on the podcast, Nancy. I’m unsure what you mean by catalogue though – I don’t make items to sell. I write and talk about wool and knitting (and lots of things besides) on this website and the WoolWork podcast.
      I can help with this query.

      The shop by the ferry terminal in Shetland is Jamieson and Smith and they sell knitwear via their website ;

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