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Once upon a time – Jamieson’s of Shetland Trip

Jamiesons of Shetland Mill, Sandness, is not open to the public. You can find that information very clearly on all their online places. Visit their website or shop in Lerwick for all their wonderful woolly wares.

My original blog post – from 9 years ago – seemed to be causing some people confusion who took trips to the mill without doing any other research. This resulted in them giving Mill staff a lot of bother. I I cannot take responsibility for the faulty reading of these people, but I am truly sorry to Jamiesons for having to put up with that. 

You can access the original blog below – with a clarification that this was a special trip for wool week, and I have changed the url. 

episode 129 – Spring, Smocks, Sewing, Popcorn & Crocodiles!

(Photo taken in 2019 – PreCovid!) Hello and welcome, its’s March and it is spring…ish! Listen to the podcast  Also available on Spotify, iTunes and wherever you find your podcasts! | Making! I finished the Crofter’s Smock by Gudrun Johnson! More details will soon be added to the My Makes section of the website. This was a really fantastic make. I thoroughly recommend it!  You can find the pattern on Gudrun’s payhip . The yarn is from Bluebell Yarns and is jacob! I have also been sewing and I have really been enjoying the slow process of breaking up the tasks of tracing, cutting and sewing over a period of time.  I have recently been introduced to Muna and Broad ( who are Leila and Jess. They are Australian designers who are creating beautiful patterns which start at 40″ chest, and 41.5″ hip going up to 64″ bust/71.5″ hip. They are really interested in creating designs in patterns which are not found for fat bodies and I am crushing hard on their Belmore Jacket! View this post on Instagram A post …