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Once upon a time – Jamieson’s of Shetland Trip

This is a very quick update to a very old post.

Jamiesons of Shetland Mill, Sandness, is not open to the public. You can find that information very clearly on all their online places. Visit their website or shop in Lerwick for all their wonderful woolly wares.

My original blog post – from 9 years ago – seemed to be causing some people confusion who took trips to the mill without doing any other research. This resulted in them giving Mill staff a lot of bother. I cannot take responsibility for the faulty reading of these people, or their dreadful behaviour, but I am truly sorry to Jamiesons for having to put up with that.

You can access the original blog below – with a clarification that this was a special trip for wool week, and I have changed the URL.

This is a good reminder that before you attempt to visit any Mill, Farm, Independent Dyer or Wool Business, please get in touch with them directly to ensure that that is appropriate!

Through the Mill [Archive post]

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