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Episode 128 – walk it back a bit

Feature image shows the bare branches of trees, stretching up to a pale winter sky.

Welcome in to WoolWork’s first episode of 2021!

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Hi there and hello! Thanks for joining me for another episode, the first of 2021.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in last month and got in touch to say lovely things about the Scotland Outdoors podcast and special thanks to those of you who got in touch when I talked about anxiety and imposter syndrome and all that. A lot of you saying that you felt similarly – I empathise!

For those who haven’t listened to that episode, I was talking about how I had really struggled with recent events that I had been talking at, feeling introverted, feeling inadequate, feeling like a bit of an imposter but on the other side of that not having missed doing these things all that much, so I was feeling introspective about all of that a bit. There were one or two people who said “I didn’t think you were introverted” –  Think of Introvert/extrovert as a spectrum and think of it like energy. If you’re used to using energy in different ways and at different levels or calling on that energy from a place deep down, it can take a lot to come back from that. Introverts don’t just keep to our quarters, no matter how much we might like to – do we ? We’re still passionate. idealistic, creative, empathic, driven…and its fucking exhausting sometimes! 

Anyway, It seems that the Covid times have had that kind of effect on lot of us, making us re-evaluate things and if that is the worst it can do to me, then I am ok with that.

I sat down a few of weeks ago – on the 7th podiversary actually – with a pen and paper and I wrote down the things I had enjoyed most about making the podcast when I first started doing it and through that process I feel the need to walk it back a little bit. So maybe some episodes this year will be a bit shorter, or might be about one or two things – whatever works, right?!

| Works in Progress

As mentioned last time, I’ve gotten a wee bit more cast on happy since the end of the year. Currently on my pins are all the things I mentioned last time. My Peerie Leaves Sweater by Donna Smith is taking nice slow and steady pace. I am very much enjoying using Uist Wool Tuath for this, a blend of North Atlantic breed wools. My Tabular Sweater  (sorry, I can only find a ravelry link for that pattern, so I’m not posting it), from Pom Pom Quarterly 23 is sitting to one side whilst I ponder it a bit. It is an interesting construction and I am enjoying the knitting, but I have seen some knitters make comments about putting it together and potential things to look out for if you lengthen it, so that is sitting aside til I can be bothered to do some calculations!

I finished the Castiel hat from Woolly Wormhead in Ginger Twist Hand-dye and I’ve not even blocked that squishy sucker, it went right on my head! I also finished an Antler hat  (which is a free pattern) in another GTS yarn!

The current object of my affection is a test knit for Gudrun Johnston!

I am knitting this is an aran Jacob which I bought from Bluebell Yarns last year. I am very grateful to TerriC21 who very kindly agreed to part with her skein of the same yarn so that I had enough to make the yardage. I can’t really say anything about the knit, but I love it! It will be released in March and you should keep your eyes on Gudrun’s instagram,

| of Future Cast ons

When I get that little wip pile down, I have seen two design this month which caught my eye!

The Mermaid Top by Rebecca McKenzie (@ragingpurlwind) is a really lovely sleeveless top with an old shale design on the upper body. There are two patterns, one is a crop top and one is a tunic length and both are available through Rebecca’s Etsy shop, along with her other designs. https://www.etsy.com/shop/ARagingPurlwind

Both patterns go up to 45″, it would be lovely if these were available in a bigger range of sizes. I hope the pattern can be made more size inclusive. I got some Cartref Yarn this week, some colourful DK minis, so I think I will use them for the yoke!

The other pattern that really caught my eye is Maddie Harvey’s Columella shawl, This was previously published in Making Stories. It is a big hug of a shawl and has a really simple elegance about it, Maddie even has kits available on her website: https://folksy.com/items/7672599-Columella-Shawl-Kit-Shale-

| Goodbye and thanks!

Yep. that’ll do for one episode, I think. Thanks so much for listening. I really appreciate it. I also really appreciate all your likes and comments online, but I have to say that I’ve switched my socials to private for the time being. I am finding a lot of social media is just horrid and I can’t seem to click on anything without seeing responses from people whose sole goal is to disagree. So don’t be offended if I don’t add you, or respond right away. I am imaging my social media as a bit of a blanket fort just now.

Take good care, friends. I hope you are ok and I send you a big audio hug!

Next time I will be back with a review and a giveaway of the Popcorn and Crocodiles newest reboot of the Adventures in Yarn notebook


| Important Information

Music used is Dr Turtle, Doctor Talos Answers the Door and David Mumford Sinign’ in the Rain Cover Demo. Both tracks are used under creative commons and are available via Free Music Archive. Images are copyright to those attributed in the accompanying information, or are mine.  Please don’t use my images without permission. 




  1. Sian Millward says

    The word “smitte” means to infect in Norwegian so it probably stuck in Shetland and is also used there today!

  2. Marcy says

    After listening to your comments on some of the things you have been feeling and the amount of energy it takes to pursue things you really want to do, I will briefly suggest you look into the concept of “highly sensitive person”. Learning about it a year or so ago myself, it has made a big positive difference in how I understand myself and how I now arrange my life to suit me better. I hope you get a chance to see this and investigate. Good Luck Louise! Thanks for al your effort for the good of local wool!

    • louise says

      Hi Marcy
      I suppose this is the thing about being honest, it may sound like I am reaching out for help or advice. I’m not in this case, I am just being open and dealing with things and feelings I often deal with but now under these new crisis times.
      I’m glad reading about that is helping you, I really am, but please don’t offer unsolicited diagnoses.
      Take good care, Louise

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