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Episode 116 – You say shhheviutt and I say Cheeveeitt….

(i suspect that lad is a bit of a cross!)

Back again, my friends! This time I am a little weary (drunken revellers had stopped me from recordings earlier, so I retreated to a different room eventually) and admit to being a little creatively stuck. Is it the post-EYF comedown *still*? Maybe its the weather? But I’m making myself podcast today cos I’ve definitely had less creative energy of late, but half the battle is doing something! This is something and I hope its marginally better than nothing at all!

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Cartref Yarn is a collaboration between Zoe Carter, of Pins and Needle Podcast, and Jennie Powell from Owl About Yarn! The yarn is a blend of Welsh Mule and BFL and it is grown, spun and dyed in Wales. Their business came from them asking where was all the yarn from Welsh sheep and they have only gone and made a blooming properly lovely DK. It is available in 8 dyed shades and a natural one. The yarn is 3 plied, rounded and bouncy and I imagine all the things in it. Particularly items that have a bit of texture, I reckon.

They sent me a tantalising sample and you can bet I will be back to tell you what it was like!

Cartref Yarn launched at Wonderwool Wales and will be available soon in the etsy shop. Skeins are 100g and cost £18. Well done to Zoe and Jennie for being LOCAL WOOL HEROES!

Rare Breeds Watch List

There has been an update to the watchlist from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, You can read the report and view the sheep watch list here.

Edinburgh Yarn Festival Takes a Break!

Edinburgh Yarn Fest organisers, Mica and Jo, are taking a very well earned break in 2020. GOOD FOR THEM! While there have been one or two entitled so-and-sos who think their trip to Europe has been ruined by this (seriously!) , over here around the KB hearth we’re going to wish them well and thank them for everything Edinburgh Yarn Fest has enabled and meant for us. Put your feet up, Ladies. You’re awesome.

Cheviot Wool Exploration

(After uploading this podcast there is a “soupy” bit in the middle of me talking about the Highland Clearances – sorry about that! I also just realised I cut out a bit about Tartan – I did say I was struggling a bit with creative energy – sorry about that! I provide links to my sources in the following notes!)

Our Wool Explorer’s this month were PracticalCat, BekkiP, LisaMargreet; KatherineHarding; DryGardening; Silverspringknits;  dreynold1 (no spaces); WoollyElly; GinveraKnits.

Thanks so much to them and everyone over in the Cheviot thread in the KnitBritish ravelry group ( and props to the guy outside, for his timing, when he shouted “OH YAY” after I read out Katherine Harding’s first wash, block and wear test, haha)

Yarns used this time were: Uist Wool; Olann + Obair; Dodgson Wood; Little Dixie Fibre; and we had handspun yarns made from fibre from Winghams , Feltfine and from Maryland Sheep and Wool.

Some resources: Fleece & Fibre Source Book / Robson & Ekarius; Counting Sheep / Walling;  Cheviot Sheep SocietyCheviot Wool & Tartan article (from the bit I cut out by accident)

Roll over for image credit

If you are looking for even more Cheviot yarn review, remember we reviewed Black Isle Yarns Coulmore Organic Cheviot last year, in episode 103. You can read/listen here.

Back soon with more of the same – but hopefully a wee bit more creative energy.

Thanks for listening!

Important Information

Music this episode is Music this episode is Doctor Turtle – Doctor Talos Opens the Door and  David David Mumford – Singin in The Rain This are available via freemusicarchive and shared via CC-BY. Images are copyright to those in the caption or accompanying info, otherwise they belong to me. 

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