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episode 5: grab your oars

(This episode should be subtitled “The one in which I can’t say Ravelry” !)

UPDATE: Due to space I can no longer host the audio files on the blog, please use your favourite podcatcher, or right click the podgen link to open the podcast episode in a new window: Podgen

Preview at Spotify:


I forgot to tell you about the beautiful yarns I bought from Jess. I DID “know the Brigantia love”, thanks to Clare, as well as the love of Aire Valley and Jess’s own hand-dyed (the one I became attached too!) You can see a pic below.

Click on the pics for larger images. All images copyright.



  1. I’m listening to the Knitting Yarns book. I like audio books since I can knit or do other stuff. Can you knit without looking? That is my goal!

    I’m enjoying the book, but I didn’t know it even had knitting patterns. Well, I won’t get them with the audio book 🙁 oh well!

    • louise says

      Yes, I can knit stocking without looking (did a good bit of a jumper in the cinema once) I like audio books too. Currently listening to After You’re Gone by Maggie O Farrell. Story is Tough at times but beautifully written.

  2. Loved listening to this episode! So cheery and I loved your laugh and the atmospheric noises. 😀

  3. Isla says

    This was the first KnitBritish podcast and really enjoyed all the different topics. I really must get up to Edinburgh next year and check out some of these shops! The book also sounds really interesting and one to seek out at my library.

    • louise says

      Hi Isla, glad you enjoyed ep5 and hope you like the others too. Yes, seek out the book, it’s lovely!

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