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A sunny Sunday stroll in Scalloway

Come on a wee walk with us….


“see all the different coloured houses, sitting by the sea…”


fishy fence


inscriptions on side of house from 1910 by local stonemason and amateur scientist William Johnson. Johnson inscribed several times on theories of the tide. Inscriptions can be read here


piles of colourful nets at the Muckle Yard, with Scalloway Castle in the background

down by the marina



bonny blue sky

IMG_4382memorial to the Shetland Bus; the clandestine and dangerous operation of small fishing boats, which travelled secretively to Norway during the Second World War. They transferred agents out, under the cover of darkness, and brought Norwegians to Shetland who feared for their lives under German occupation.


fishy mosaic work near the artist-in-residence studio, the Booth. The artist studio can be rented out here


sculpture of terns  by Jo Redman



ending up with Sunday teas at the local hall, in aid of the Scalloway Museum & Shetland Bus society. Lots of mam’s being treated to tea and cakes for Mother’s day.

I do so hope for more fine days such as this. In weather lore it is said that the last days of March are the borrowing days and the weather has been borrowed from April.

If all the days in April can be like this, I shall feel very grounded and happy indeed.


  1. Katy Swift says

    What an inspiring walk. Thank you for taking me and a cuppa sounds like a perfect ending.

    Here’s hoping for a lovely April.

    • louise says

      It’s been a lovely day and we’ve just gone for another quick walk after dinner 🙂

  2. Lizzie Jaeger says

    Sounds really nice! Especially the part about the Shetland Bus!!
    Hope to see that someday 🙂
    Love your site:)

  3. The Marina area reminds me of Dillingham Alaska on Bristol Bay., I think it is very close to the same latitude as well!! Beautiful!! Sally

  4. Averil Newsam says

    Louise, Thankyou for these beautiful photo’s – I’ve only just found out about this group. I’m going to be staying at Windward B&B in Scalloway for my first Wool Week so I’ll be able to follow in your footsteps in just a few weeks time. I also feel strongly about using British yarns – perhaps even more so in the wake of the referendum.

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