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episode 11 is slightly out of step but on the right track

UPDATE: Due to space I can no longer host the audio files on the blog, please use your favourite podcatcher, or right click the podgen link to open the podcast episode in a new window: Podgen

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The title refers to my slightly earlier podcast day and also some changes to my work life that I recently made. This is an ever so slightly shorter episode and none of my usual birdy tweets and cat purrs….I am amid packing!

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: : Show Notes : :

  • Torirot Designs GiveawayThe Next Year in Lerwick sweater pattern. Tori has kindly given 3 copies of this beautiful lightweight, stunning Fair Isle design to KnitBritish readers. Comment on this post with your rav name and your favourite design from Tori’s Ravely store. The giveaway will close on 24th Oct. You can read Tori’s blog too
  • Shetland Wool Week and upcoming knit-night – See the event listing on Ravelry for more details of the knit-night. If you are in Shetland for Wool Week it’d be great to see you.
  • Yarndale – there will be a podcaster meet up in the Cafe in the pens at 3pm on Saturday 27th. If you are going to Yarndale myself, Shiny Bees, The Geeky Girls Knits, KnitSpinCake and Yarns from the Plain podcasters shall be there! Stop me if you see me making large yarn buying mistakes!
  • Cast on/Cast off – very little in the way of either but pattern buying aplenty! Alveare by Woolly Wormhead and Red Robin Shawl and Fireflies Rising by Helen Stewart
  • Edinburgh Yarn Festival Podcast Lounge  – a lovely community area at the March event for podcasters to meet their audiences and interview guests.  Get in touch if you are a podcaster interested in attending and perhaps helping out with events.
  • Hellos and thanks section – Also mentioning my recent decision to change jobs
  •  Music – Opening: Djangoarias by John Giliat. Ending Knit theme: I will knit for you by Wren Ross, both are available from



  1. Jamie Walcott says

    I’m making Tori’s Mystery Mittens just now. My fav of hers is en Revant de Provance. She’s fabulous & one of my fav designers. I’m a new viewer/reader of KnitBritish & find it so interesting, being an American myself.

    • Jamie Walcott says

      Whoops, I’ll be disqualified if I don’t post my Ravelry name, which is jamiewalcott. Again, fav pattern is the en revant de Provance mittens. Thanks.

  2. Another great episode. I’m not going to Yarndale, but I’m looking forward to some pictures of the Lush wearers!!
    My favourite of Tori’s patterns is Teppet Blomenkrans blanket.
    I’m glad you have been able to change jobs and I wish you all the best. Hurray for more knitting time!

  3. Laurie (on Ravelry: pipermom) says

    I’m a newcomer to the podcast, thoroughly enjoying it! My favorite Tori pattern is Next Year in Lerwick but a close second is the Amiga Cowl. Love that it combines delicate crochet & knitting, using sock yarn, of which I have much, waiting to be used!

  4. Nancy M. (NancyKnot on Ravelry) says

    I thoroughly enjoyed your podcast. It is my first visit to your blog/podcast. Food for thought on your question of how old is your oldest WIP…yikes…20yrs on a lovely shawl. I have in the past year made a goodly dent in the stash of WIP’s and the pile is much smaller, with hopes to continue knitting what is left into FO’s.

    I am also a fan of Tori’s designs and my favs are of course, top of the list, Next Year in Lerwick, then Hippocampus (which I have knit), and Fotballvotter, Curly and last but not least Blomekrans.

    Enjoy Shetland Wool Week…I will be wearing my Shwook hat too join in spirit from across the pond. I knit it in J & S in the natural colourway.

  5. Tori’s designs look fantastic! And browsing through the pages of rav projects done in different colors…wow. I spent a long time looking! SO many of the mittens patterns are very tempting – for after WIPCrackAway!
    Just one favorite? The Singe-linge-lang cardi jumped out at me right away, even before I looked at the bigger picture and realized there is a row of dancing goats on the yoke. I think I’ll have to say that is my favorite, since I raise cashmere goats and am often surrounded by them in real life 😉
    Have a great time at Yarndale, Louise! jealous(1)
    Quinn on rav

  6. Charly says

    Looking forward to your next podcast and hearing all about yarn dale!

    Favourite pattern would be the blomekrans mittens, gorgeous colours.

    Charlyfeathers on ravelry

  7. I really enjoy your podcast. And I really really enjoyed looking through the delightful patterns on Torirots’ page. My favourite was Teppet Blomekrans. Though I’m not sure I would ever be skilled enough a fair isle to complete it!

  8. First knitting podcast I’ve listened to – very interesting. Great to hear about forthcoming Shetland Wool Week which I shall be following online this year. I met Tori at a couple of classes during Shetland Wool Week 2012 and was in envy watching her do colourwork – I dream one day my fingers will move so effortlessly!
    My favourite pattern is Blomekrans(vest) and its wide flower pattern. I’ve had my eye on this pattern ever since it’s release. I need to finish some WIPs first before embarking on a project like this – so I’m off to join #WIPCrackAway!

  9. Alessandra Parsons (PokedaGoblin on Ravelry) says

    Another great podcast Louise. And thanks to all for another great giveaway.

    My favourite pattern is Tuin. I love the contrast between the dark blue and the white fair isle section.

  10. I loved your closing track! It sounded oh so familar…….. Tori’s patterns are amazing I need to learn the right way to knit fair isle (hoping to do Hazel Tindall’s class at EYF next year) I liked the Stella polaris hat pattern knitted in a chunky weight yarn. Although some of the more intricate mits and jumpers are stunning but a bit out of my league at the mo. Was great to see you at Yarndale but now really struggling with my WIP Crack Away following my shopping spree!

  11. Gorgeous patterns from Tori. I love the Latifolio set. It’s a really modern looking kind of colourwork. I’m Stitched-Together on Ravelry and thank you kindly for the very lovely review of the podcast. I’m glad you enjoy it 😉

  12. Catey Downey says

    Louise, I love your podcast. I am missing Yarndale by a few weeks (live in Canada and coming to Scotland, England to visit family the end of this month.
    I am in love with Lullaby Love. So sweet and the colours are amazing.
    My Ravelry name is CnitterCatey.

    Knit pretty,

  13. pomme (pommedhappy on ravelry) says

    Oooohhh! So many colours, absolutely love these patterns! Hard to choose, but favourite may be the legwarmers…

  14. heska says

    I just stumbled upon this lovely podcast – thanks!
    The Blomekrans Mittens are my favourite :]

  15. Karen Ashley says

    Of course I really love the ‘next year in Lerwick’ pattern but as well as that I think Lullaby Love is delightful. Ravelry name is GrandmaEllen11

  16. Deborah Barr says

    Tori’s patterns are fabulous…I especially love the Blomekrans mitten pattern, so cheery and full of energy. Thanks for the opportunity to win the Next Year in Lerwick pattern, such a lovely pattern with a brilliant name! My Ravelry name is designbarr.

  17. I saw a picture from Tori’s amazing “Next Year in Lerwick” in blue colours. That’s my favourite pattern.My Ravelry name is Maschenzauber.

  18. Tanya says

    I think my favourite is actually Next Year in Lerwick! My rav name is KitsyBabcock.

  19. Thekla says

    I really like Tori’s “Toasty, Twisty, Tweedy” cowl. Looks very cozy. Rav name tmowens.

  20. Kirstie says

    Next Year in Lerwick is my favourite, I love the pink version!
    Also want to make the Dreaming of Provence mitts and run away to wear them in Provence!
    Ravelry name Woollymonkey.

  21. I love the Next Year in Lerwick pattern but I think my favourite is the Lollipop legwarmers – I’m wondering if I can make some for my toddler.
    Rav name is azterya.

  22. pat j says

    Hi Louise ..I like the Blomekrans Hat…bright hat for cold winter days

    ( seasonshades )

  23. Rosie says

    This is great Louise!

    Not counting Next Year in Lerwick, my favorite is her Singe-linge lang. My name on Raverly is rfujita.

  24. Tracy says

    I really love Tori’s Latifolia set. So stunning and a great twist on contemporary stranded work. My Ravelry name is tracytriumph. I shall hope that I might win! Thanks!

  25. terry ferguson says

    Hi my ravelry name is terrytheferry. And my favorite are Toris hippocampus mittens they are beautiful and so gloriously colourful. My fingers are crossed.

  26. I love Tori’s Den hemmelige hagen. Beautiful design! I loved the book as a kid, so that just adds to my excitement.
    My rav name is irishrust.

  27. Oh wow. There are so many to choose from. I love this pattern a lot, so it’s pretty hard to choose. The mittens are lovely, but I think I’m going to plump for the Singe-linge-lang cardigan, because it has dancing goats on. What’s not to love?
    Nic (talesfromtheplain)

  28. Diana (Ravelry name Gilthews) says

    This might be a silly response to the question, but I really think I do like the Next Year in Lerwick design the best.
    Hope I’m not too late for the competition for one of the patterns!

  29. Sharon Michelle says

    My ravelry name is SharonMichelle and my favourite pattern is Next year in Lerwick 🙂

  30. Linda Rumsey says

    Love the sweater, but my favourite is the Selbu meets Holland Mittens. Such a fun design!
    linadrumsey on Ravelry

  31. Knitnorth says

    Favourite pattern- tough choice… blomekrans mittens and next year in Lerwick
    Knitnorth on rav

  32. Stonemoon says

    Rav name is stonemoon and re:Torirot Designs Giveaway> I love, love love next year in Lerwick. I have been eyeing it for over a year. Wish I could be there as well.

  33. Laura C says

    My Ravelry name is LCC and my favorite pattern is next year in Lerwick. My second choice is hippocampus.

  34. sophie (kamalalotus on Rav) says

    I’ve just started to be interested in Fair Isle, i’ve knitted a Clayoquot hat (friom TinCanKnit) from my handspun (so proud!) and started The Clayoquot cardi.
    My favourite pattern is the Blomekrans hat.
    Won’t be at the Sheland Wool Week unfortunately, but with members of my spinnning guild (in Burgundy) we’ve decided to go next year!!

  35. Debby says

    Tori’s Lullaby Love blanket has been in my favourites for a long time, I think it’s a really innovative design. I’m sailingby on Ravelry.

  36. Jacinta says

    All the Tori designs are lovely but my favourite is the Selbu Meets Holland mitts especially in the blue and white colour combination. My Rav name is Knitsofkin:-)

  37. Françoise says

    I love Tori’s design Teppet Blomekrans, but I kept seeing her and her designs round Shetland and they are gorgeous!! – my rav name is francoisepepiatt (imaginative 🙂 )

  38. Fiona says

    So many lovely patterns but I think Selbuvnott is my favourite. My Ravelry name is AuntieFona.

  39. Laritza says

    Gingerbread hat and stripey the brioche stitch hat are two of my many favorites

  40. After much due consideration I decide to settle on Teppet Blomekrans.
    And they are all amazing patterns.

    Love your podcast, I just found it. Wonderful!

    I am finelightness on ravelry.

  41. Magdalena says

    My favourite is Tuin. Gorgeous sweater! Added to favorites 🙂

    magdu on raverly

  42. […] Of course, there was also the obligatory trip to the Mill shop….yarn, cloth, patterns, samples. knitwear, seconds….oh my! They even gave us a cup of tea and a biscuit. It was in the shop that I met the lovely Tori Seierstad who was wearing her Next Year in Lerwick…you still have time to enter the pattern giveaway here. […]

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