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#WIPCrackAway day one

The #WIPCrackAway KAL starts today. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, the KAL is hosted by myself and Nic, from Yarns From The Plain , and runs right through to the 15th November. If you have WIPs and UFOs that you cast on before 1st September then you can join us. The chatter thread will alternate weekly between Nic’s group and mine and this week it’s over at Yarns from the Plain. There will also be prizes at the end – what more could you want? You already have everything you need to get going!

Here are the WIPs that made it through my assessment phase. You can click on the picture for the original patterns on Ravelry.
















































Tree Rings needs 20 repeats of the lace edging – it is about 80% done. I started the blanket on Boxing Day last year and would kinda like it on the bed by Boxing Day this year! Vedbaek needs a good 75% to finish it off…I love that colour! It’s in Jamieson and Smith jumper weight in colour FC38. Follow Your Arrow ….hmmm! Well, I let this one rest, but I mislaid the notes I had taken whilst knitting. I think I ended on clue 4, but will need to go back and remember which variations of which clues I knit. This was a stash buster project making use of some Colourmart and a cone of “Brora” that I picked up at a sale. It reminds me of a Tunnocks Tea Cake! And as you can see, my Lush needs a couple of sleeves.
I just hope I manage to finish them!

C’mon! Dig out your UFOs too and join in!


  1. Go Louise! I need to sort mine out too. I thought I knew what they were but then I found more. (I need to remember this is a safe space. No judgement and I can stop blushing). I also need to take photos of some too. (Because I tend to find that gets in the way of the knitting 😉 ).

    Good luck! Together we will finish.

  2. Hmm at first I was unsure whether to join or not, since I really feel like casting on like crazy right now. But maybe I will join with one teeny tiny WIP that has been lying around for months. Then at least I can say I worked some WIPs away.

    • louise says

      Just think of the sense of achievement & satisfaction. Stave off that castonitis!! 🙂

  3. I’m in. Got the mother-of-all-weaving-in-ends task – aka ‘that striped cardi from hell’ – which has been waiting for months as I procrastinate away, a lace shawl which got stuck behind a hand operation (and the sofa) over three years ago, and an angora stole. The latter may be a frogging project; it’s not happy.

    Must take some shots of the crime scenes…

  4. IN! Very nearly done with a very long scarf in double knitting, with the most insane pattern, I can’t wait to get it finished and show it off. So proud! Also started a very very quick cape/poncho style thing at the week-end, because I had the yarn, and need the space. And maybe finish off the crocheted toys (okay, not knitting, but still) I’m making for some little people for xmas…

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