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GIVE AWAY – Edinburgh Yarn Festival Tickets

I have been given THREE PAIRS of weekend tickets for this year’s Edinburgh Yarn Festival, courtesy of organisers Jo and Mica.




To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets please comment below telling me what you are looking forward to most about this year’s event. 

The tickets give you weekend entry for you and a friend, partner or total stranger of your choice to attend the EYF. The tickets are for venue entry only. You must make your own travel and accommodation arrangements 

Please only enter if you are planning on, or are available to attend this event on 18-19th March 2016. 

The give-away closes at 12pm (UK) on Wednesday 24th February. Thanks so much to Jo and Mica for an awesome prize! 


congrats Carol, Annette and Angela – random.org drew (not so randomly mixed!) 7, 9 and 8. You should all have your tickets now!


  1. Maggie says

    I’ve never been to the EYF but hear that there are the most amazing vendors there, I’d love to visit them and meet up with my online “friends from the north” for the first time!

  2. Wanda says

    Where to start about what I’m looking forward to at EYF ? The vendors esp Wollmeise. To see what other knitted goods everyone is wearing ( will video this for myself this year so that I can re-live it ). Talking to people and being with like minded people. Being inspired . Also getting rid of my £2 coins as fast as is humanly possible . Oh and seeing your Scollay Cardigan !

  3. Jacquie M says

    This will be my first EYF – I’ve lived down south until this year, and never been able to justify the expense of travel. I’ve just moved to Yorkshire with work and noted all the northern events. I’m looking forward to seeing yarn and patterns from the Scottish islands.

  4. I am bouncing in my seat over EYF this year. It is a chance to meet friends, existing and new, and look at and buy yarn and fibre from all over the world.
    The thing I am most looking forward to this year is the chance to look at the stall set ups as well as the produce as I hope to one day be able to vend at the event myself.
    I’m also looking forward to some comfy podcast couch time and a blether with you.

  5. Ellen Penney says

    I’ve inly ever been to my local fibre festival – Woolfest. I can’t wait to go to Edinburgh in March. I’ve booked my Locum for Friday. I’m excited about the journey – I’m letting the train take the strain. I can’t wait to see the weights of Edinburgh as well as the sights of edinyarnfest. The market place had my pulse racing (all those yarn fumes!!) but I’m excited to meet people too. I can’t wait to sit and knit and chat. Not long now.

  6. Angela McLean says

    I am so looking forward to snuggling up to the beautiful wool and talking to all the interesting people, borrowing ideas where I can. The festival has such a terrific vibe, everyone there with only one thing on their minds…. wool. xxx

  7. Carol Barclay says

    I will be there both days and I am looking forward to seeing all the lovely vendors and their yarns, and adding to my stash! And also meeting up with fellow ravellers and family members who share my passion. This event is close to home for me so makes it all the more special.

  8. Annette Hunter says

    I am looking forward to be immersed in all things woolly, and of course also meeting up with like minded people

  9. Susan says

    I cannot wait!! I am hoping to meet with some online knitting buddies as well as putting faces to some well known names that I have been buying from online. It will also give me a chance to visit my daughter who is now studying in Scotland. It’s a win, win, win situation!

  10. Rowena Gillen says

    These kind of events just don’t happen where I live, so I’d love the opportunity to be inspired by like minded yarn lovers. The fact that it’s held in my favourite city is an added bonus!

  11. Pomme says

    Looking forward to all the yarn (I’m usually not much of a shopper, so feel no guilt about splashing out at EYF!!), but mostly looking forward to be inspired by all the amazing knitwear, the camaraderie, the chats, and the amazing atmosphere!!

  12. This would be my first time in a yarn festival so this would be a chance to learn about lots of different yarns/companies in one place. I usually buy my yarn online where I can never be 100 % sure about the colour and feel of the yarn.

  13. Fiona says

    I would love to meet the indie designers and dyers and hear what their inspiration is.

  14. I would love to go to EYF, it’s one of the big wool events I have not managed to attend. I have recently set up my own business so would love to go to see what other woolly people are doing.

  15. Carol says

    I’m most looking forward to feeling star struck upon meeting all the designers dyers podcasters and yarnies that I admire, all that talent in one building ????

  16. Helen says

    I would love to go to the EYF. I have never been. I am studying a C&G knitwear and design course and recently had one of my course patterns bought by Jamiesons. They have also asked me to develop some new colours. It wouold be a real thrill to see the items in situ as well as explore the delights of all the other wooly and stitch related exhibitors.

  17. Marie says

    I’m looking forward to seeing all the stalls, and maybe seeing Tom of Holland again 🙂

  18. Sharon Michelle says

    To win these tickets would be wonderful ~ it would enable me & my daughter to spend some quality time together doing what we love most & thats ooing & aahhing over & squishing gorgeous skeins of yarn from some of our favourite indie dyers (gingertwiststudio) & convincing each other that one more skein won’t hurt ☺️ ~ when the spending is done going to the podcast lounge & trying not to look too starstruck when we see our favourite podcasters

  19. Sara W says

    This would be so great. I have never been to a yarn festival before and would love to see all the different types of yarn there are so I can branch out a bit in what I knit.

  20. I’m looking forward to meeting up with knitting friends who I’ve only ever talked to online and talking to people as obsessed about knitting as I am. It’s my birthday on the 18th and I can’t think of a better way to be spending it.

  21. Heather says

    I would like to go and meet the vendors I have bought wool and patterns from
    I love all the creative things that go with it. I think I would be like a child in a sweet shop!

  22. Bridget Thomson says

    Wool, needles and good company – what a way to learn and expand your creative talents! I’d love to attend.

  23. Liz Trusty says

    I will be visiting the 11th-19th from Oklahoma in the U.S. With my fiancé (a former marine) who is OBSESSED with knitting! I cannot wait to see his face with all the different yarns!

  24. Sarah says

    I’m looking forward to playing ‘spot the Raveller’ and inhaling woolly fumes!

  25. I have wanted to go to this festival for some years now and am always envious of everyone’s photos. Also, this is in my favourite city, so I would love to go for a whole weekend.

    I am looking forward to just being there, and yes, I intend to buy everything. :)) There will be lots of vendors I have not met before, so there will be far too much to resist.

  26. Helena says

    Would love to attend after hearing the knit British podcast, this has really got me excited to attend. Having only been to south of the country it would be great to go up north and a great excuse to visit Edinburgh.

  27. Ali Stewart (@jammypudding) says

    Squishing yarn. Who doesn’t want to do that?

    Thanks for the opportunity and fingers crossed.


  28. Ruth McEnaney says

    I’ve never been to a yarn festival before so I’d love to go! I love to see what beautiful yarns are around and imagine what I could make with them. Plus, what’s better than giving them all a good squeeze??

  29. Sherlock_knits says

    I lived in Edinburgh for 15 years (the longest I’ve lived anywhere) and I still get pangs of feeling homesick whenever I hear its name. When I lived there you could only get yarn from John Lewis, so I’m looking forward to heading back now that it is a city that has properly embraced all things woolly!

  30. I’m really looking forward to a couple of fun days out with friends and being able to squish some lovely yarns.

  31. I only started knitting about six months ago and absolutely love it! Have heard such amazing things about EYF so would love to go and find out more about local yarn producers and attend some of the workshops!

  32. I live just outside Edinburgh and have only recently heard about the EYF. I think it’s fabulous that we have an even nearby and would love to attend it as so many other events are down south, and as a busy mum of 5 boys it’s just not possible for me to travel to them. I would love to go and see all the yarny goodness although I’m pretty sure my husband might be concerned about the effect on our bank balance!

  33. I’ve never been to the Edinburgh yarn festival but would love the chance (excuse) to indulge in so much wooly goodness.

  34. I am looking forward the most to the Podcast lounge and meeting other lovers of knitting and yarn. And I think I shall want to buy some of the gorgeous British yarns I can’t buy in the Netherlands!

  35. This will be my first time at EYF and I’m so looking forward to meeting Anna Maltz in person after preview-knitting one of her Penguin Patterns ! I’ll be fangirling all day with Stephen West, Nancy Marchant and so many talented designers and dyers around !! Coming with a bunch of French knitting nerds so these will be good times to remember !

  36. This will be my first visit to EYF. Recently moved to north Lancashire so much nearer now. Looking forward to seeing in person all the vendors and podcasters I know from social media.

  37. I can’t wait to meet all the lovely people again that I got to know over the years since the first EYF. It starts with the organisors Mica and Jo, without them it would not happen at all. Then of course Louise…what would we do without your amazing podcast. And then I hope to run into Karie Westerman, Shinybees, Helen from Ripples Craft, Mrs Brityarn, Mr Westknits, Tincanknits, Mrs OldMaidenAunt and the absolutely amazing team of Volunteers, together we rock 🙂

  38. Debbie Warner says

    I’d love to go because it’s just up the road from me and I’ve never been able to afford to go ????

  39. Denise says

    I am most looking forward to taking my friend, who I taught to knit in October, and introducing her to the wonder that is beautiful yarn. It’s time for her to move on from acrylic yarns, and where better to fall in love with real yarn than EYF 🙂

  40. Nikki says

    All that lovely wool to inspire! Some patterns to put to wool I already have? And maybe learn steeking? Or short rows?

  41. Sue Bone says

    I have only just booked flights and hotel so have missed out on classes, but I’m looking forward to the marketplace.

    • louise says

      are you still there on Sunday? There are classes on Sunday still up for grabs! Felix Ford, Stephen West, there’s crochet…I forget the rest

  42. I am most looking forward to taking my boyfriend to EYF to share hopefully more of the same amazing experiences as I had last year with my friend Emma. I loved the people and hope to see you all again. Plus, everyone loves a jaunt to Edinburgh – beautiful place. 🙂

  43. Helene says

    I’m so looking forward to enjoying a weekend full of knitting and chatting! And some shopping as well 🙂 Flights and hotel are already booked, can’t wait to visit Scotland again <3

  44. I’m so excited about all of it! I’m looking forward to some browsing, networking, yummy yarns, gorgeous patterns. How can you expect me to choose one thing?! 😉

  45. Rosalba Bassora says

    Me time! People talk about selfish knitting. This could be my time to get my dream projects done. Thanks for this chance.

  46. Karin Rebecca says

    I’ve never been to EYF and so am very excited to go for the first time this year. I will love seeing all the yarn.

  47. Caroline MacDonald says

    Looking forward to meeting and chatting to like minded enthusiastic craters and adding to my stash of fibre goodness

  48. The thing I’m most looking forward to is meeting up with like-minded people, many who have become good friends through our shared interest of yarn squishing. I also enjoy seeing lots of yarns that I’ve only ever viewed before online and chatting with vendors who have travelled from all over to bring their wares to a wonderful event on my doorstep. Can’t wait!

  49. Vivian says

    I can’t wait for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival as I am South African and I used to work at a wool factory in South Africa as a pattern designer and I am interested in seeing how things are done on this side of the world.

  50. Tina Ambury says

    I missed this last year and was very envious reading the posts on the Innerwebs about it,. This year my daughter is studying at Edinburgh so I get to indulge in my various yarn fettishes and take her out to dinner.

  51. Just BEING there! I have a serious health issue right now and going anywhere is like planning a military campaign but I will go to as seeing all the colours and textures feeds my soul and I do SO need that right now. It will take my mind from the pain and lift my spirits. And of course I can buy LOTS of eye candy yarns and plan my future weaves and knits. 🙂

  52. Hannah Ross says

    I am looking forward to looking at lots of lovely things (at my own pace this year as heading on my own rather than with family, though I will hang out with flatmate and knitting pals lots I’m sure!), and chilling out in the podcast lounge with some cake and just generally taking in the atmosphere! I won’t be spending as much as last year and I’m on a bit of a stashdown so it’s more about the social than the shopping for me this year!

  53. I’ve only been knitting a few months but all the ladies in my knitting group are planning what they’re going to wear to Yarn Fest! I’d love to go and see what it’s all about!!

  54. Rhiannon says

    I’m looking forward to the podcast lounge again, as it was so lovely last year. As well as buying a little bit of yarn…with a plan this time !

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