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things there to be noticed

We took a drive, we took a flask and we went for a stroll…



lovelyfiance indulged me in showing off my latest knit



And he took some lovely pictures.







and I snapped him snapping things


The colours today were just phenomenal. I love Shetland on a day like today. I feel like days like this are only shown in a certain light so that we notice things around us and appreciate them more.

“…the mind alerts itself –

it is as if the landscape were suddenly to become aware

of the existence of its own elements….

…The things there to be noticed.”


Norman Maccaig.


Me. Noticing.


…and noticing all those beautiful colours today has got me strolling through the stash now….



    • louise says

      that is a happy coincidence as I was, as per photographer’s request, waving my arm madly & hoping to catch a breeze! Clever LF

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