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A Shetland Wool Week Prize

I meant to add this to the end of my post yesterday, but got so carried away with the wonderfulness of Shetland Wool Week and forgot!

I got a goodie bag from Jamieson’s Of Shetland Mill when I took the wool week tour last week. Inside are two balls of the lovely Ultra yarn in the Titanic (151) colourway. This is a very soft laceweight yarn which is 50% grade 1 Shetland wool mixed with lambswool. In addition to the yarn there is a great pattern for a traditional lace scarf.

As I have the luxury of being able to nip to their shop any day I want, I thought it was only fair to share this prize with a lovely reader instead.


To be in with a chance of winning just leave me a comment here and tell me which is your favourite colour from the shades dyed at the Shetland mill – there are lots to choose from! I might see what other goodies I can find to add in.

If you haven’t already entered there is also still time to enter the giveaway to win one of three Next Year In Lerwick pattern, by Tori Seierstedt. I met Tori in Shetland (at the mill!) and she had the sweater with her (apologies for the blurry pic, I was a bit in awe of the lovely sweater. All you need to do is go to the post for Episode 11Β and follow the instructions there to enter.












Entries for both these prizes close on Friday 24th October. Good luck!




  1. What a lovely thing to do.

    You weren’t kidding abut having lots of colours to choose from. So much choice. I think I like “Yell Sounded Blue” best. (Although that may change if you ask me a different day) I’d never considered that a yell sounded blue before but now it’s got me thinking. Does a whistle sound yellow?

    • Louise Grains says

      Hey Katy,
      The colour name is Yell Sound Blue. It’s the name of the stretch of sea between Mainland Shetland and the island of Yell.
      I suppose a yell might sound blue if you were very unhappy though πŸ™‚

    • Cathy says

      I just adore all the colours and also love the natural earthy shades of Jamiesons wool. I knit a lot with the natural colours so need to look outside the square but cannot decide between Leprechaun and Gingersnap.
      (I have avidly followed the Shetland Wool Week. Wonderful to have all this online living so far from it all; it brings it to my home. Thank you)

  2. Charly says

    Lovely prize and posts about shetland wool week, thank you!

    Struggling to pick one so it would have to be either Jade, emerald or mermaid.

    Charlyfeathers on ravelry

  3. TamsinB says

    Heliotrope, it sounds lovely and it looks lovely next to Waterlily. So many colours!
    Tamsinb on ravelry.

  4. I think I would pick Woodgreen as this colour for me represents Shetland…it has the blue of the ocean, the green of the grass and the brownish-redish colour of the heather in it…very nice…why didn’t I buy that one

  5. Joelle says

    My fav colour they have, if I have to pick just one, is 175 Twilight. It reminds me of the wings of insects. Love it!

  6. Maria says

    It’s such an amazing palette of colours for this wool, but if I had to pick one, I’d choose Prairie.

    I am dreaming of visiting Shetland Wool Week myself one day!

  7. Choices, choices, but as the weather gets gloomier, I think ‘cornfield’ would be quite cheery on a dark day.

  8. Glenda says

    Wow, difficult to choose only one but it would have to be Bramble for me as it reminds me of country walking.

    Thanks for all the lovely posts from Wool Week. I so hope I can go next year.

  9. Julia says

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about Shetland wool week and seeing your photographs, thank you.

    Mogit is my favourite colour. I hadn’t realised how many shades Jamieson’s produced!

    Stumpy01 on Ravelry.

  10. Barbara Gorman says

    Love their yarn. Jade and mint are two colors that I tend to use over and over.

  11. I’ve never actually used Jamieson’s, but I really like the descriptions of the colours- much easier than the numbers used by Jamieson and Smith!
    I love the look of ‘autumn’- what a gorgeous colour, so complex and rich. Very jealous of all those who have been enjoying Shetland Wool Week, it looks like it’s been wonderful.

  12. Thank you for taking us along with you to Shetland Wool Week, Louise!
    And thank you for the giveaway! So many lovely colors…each time I look through the pages, I find another “favorite” so I’ll stop perusing now and say Clyde Blue.

  13. Toomanyhobbysgirl says

    About this time of year I start hankering after some brighter,warm colours to counteract all the wet leaves and I dig out all my bright tops. So I would have to go for POPPY, which has the perfect blend of warm without being too in-yer-face)and bright,to remind me that the flowers will bloom again one day!

  14. Anniebpurl says

    So thoughtful of you to share. Lots of lovely choices and inspiring colour names. My choice would be Loganberry.

  15. pat j says

    Hi sweet of you to think of us here, living the wool week through your nice to hear your excitement, and passion for shetland and their yarn

    I think that my first shawls were made of shetland..its certainly my fav wool

    Impossible to choose one colour..I like to knit with the seasons, so abretia,violet,and para in the spring moorgrass ,mint, seabright, luna in the summer ,like the grass and the sea…purple heather,burnt umber,amber , paprika, in the fall and all the natural colours in the winter

    …I hardly like the wool eh?…cheers…pat

  16. Marilyn says

    What a nice idea for you to share. And its wonderful to read about Wool Week first hand in your blog. I think my favorite color is Grousse – although there are so many, it is hard to choose – I think there are many favorite colours in their yarns. Thank you.

  17. sally says

    Hi, Lovely blog!

    my fav this week has to be pumpkin, such a cheerful colour for a rainy day.

  18. Rosie says

    You were right so many to choose from! Damask or Mirage have so much light in them. I can’t wait to order some! And thanks for sharing Wool Week with us!
    Have learned so much about the Shetland Islands!

  19. P Blechman says

    I also thank you for your thoughtfulness to include your readers. I love love love Moorit! That is my favorite color! Again, thank you.

  20. Laila says

    oohh the choice… hmm rosewood? Dusk? Tundra???
    OK depth breath: Rosewood

  21. So many lovely colours to choose from, I love the highland mist colourway.

    I have really enjoyed your wool week updates, One day I hope to get there! I have nearly finished my hazel tindell shwook hat just trying to get the Shetland wool week feeling from Chester!
    Thanks for the chance to win x

  22. Diane (EditKnitBook on Rav) says

    I love 272 Fog! I used that for a base color in my Acht hat. I remember standing in the mill store picking out color after color. So much fun!! Hoping to go back next year.

  23. Wow, I never realised there were quite so many colours available!

    It’s so hard to pick a favourite. I think it might be 187 Sunrise because I can see the flashes of brighter red through the dark and I just love the effect.

  24. Jeanette Mortimer says

    highland mist is my favourite shade, if appears to change from grey to blue to green depending on the light, it’s beautiful

  25. terry ferguson says

    So many colours….. So many dreams of patterns……… So many uncompleted projects…… my favourite colour from the mill has to be… SUNSET ! It just glows fabulous!.

  26. Alison says

    As I scrolled through, I kept thinking “That one, no that one”. In the end I’ve settled on Sunrise, but I’m sure I’ll change my mind next time I look through the colours.

  27. When I think of Shetland, I think of all the wonderful colors of the sheep. Then you add on all the other colors, just makes it harder to pick. So, at this moment, I will have to pick #107 Mogit.

  28. Way way to much choice! There were loads I could have gone for but I will say Twilight. There were some great greens though and I love the ones with different colours blended together.

  29. Machika says

    Mine would be 1260 Raspberry… though I love everything in their purple/berry colour range!

  30. Wow, this has really opened my eyes to what Jameison has to offer. So many wonderful colours, it must be a full colour palette. I really love Foxglove, but I am so glad you are not asking me to actually choose, I am the worlds worst procrastinator!

  31. My fav shade would have to be Sunrise. It’s a red that catches my eye while at the same time isn’t too vibrant. (Although, I really love Apple, too- such a soft, cool color)

  32. Gretchen says

    There are so many beautiful colors. But, if I have to pick one, I’d go with Sapphire! I love all shades of blue but this one is the vest.

  33. Kelliinkc says

    This is so tough for someone who has trouble making decisions! I kept changing my mind as I scrolled through the colors. I think I am going to settle on Mantilla. Thanks for the opportunity. I have enjoyed your posts on Shetland Wool Week.

  34. heska says

    An impossible task! At this very moment, my favourite colour is the 243 Storm, but next time I look, it will change! And wow – the greens! Amazing!

  35. What a cruel question!

    I love the Yell Sound Blue too, but also Moor Grass and Grouse, but the undyed natural combos are gorgeous too. I was thinking you’re so lucky to have this all on your doorstep, but then thought maybe it would be nice if your doorstep wasn’t quite so far away from everything else πŸ™‚

  36. Diana says

    Dear Louise – wow, look how many people have already commented: your little prize is very popular! I visited Shetland earlier this year and have spent the past week so frustrated at not being able to return for Wool Week – it’ll be quite a while before we can afford another trip to your side of the world. But next time Wool Week will have to be part of the agenda!
    I think the Autumn colour looks great – I like green, but this one has a bit of the orange from autumn in with it. Lovely.
    I love the picture of the 4 dashing ladies in their Next Year in Lerwick sweaters – I’ll have to go enter that little competition too…
    Keep up the good work,

  37. Laurie (on Ravelry: pipermom) says

    Hi Louise! It was so great to meet you last week! I had such a lovely time at Wool Week and simply being in Shetland for a stretch of day… Regarding the Jamieson’s yarn prize, I was loving the shade “Laurel” before I looked down at the name, but since it’s my name too, I’ll go with it as my favorite. Very pretty color pallete there! Looking forward to catching up via KnitBritish in the coming year πŸ™‚


  38. Judith Gilbert says

    If I HAD to have just one favourite, it would be the Amethyst in the Heather/Marl yarn. I’d be just as happy to win the Titanic laceweight though!!

  39. Liz Smith says

    OOOOH!! Soo hard! Lupin or Mermaid my faves. What a lot of lovely colours to choose from.

  40. Thekla says

    Don’t know how you’d pick just one color as a favorite, they are all lovely. I think ‘Neptune’ is speaking to me at the moment…

  41. SandraR says

    Daffodil is my favourite, but very difficult to choose!
    SanRum – Ravelry i.d.

  42. Nancy M. (NancyKnot on Ravelry) says

    I’d have to say one of my new favs is ‘Titanic’ you show above, as it has such depth of colours within it.

  43. I went to the Shetlands this summer and I cannot wait to return ! All colours are beautiful but the 286, moorgrass, is appealing to me.

  44. Woolly Originals says

    All the colours are wonderful but I do love Yellow Ochre and Midnight!

  45. How incredibly generous of you! The colours are all so amazing and tempting, but I think I’m in a Burnt Umber mood today πŸ™‚

  46. lostbird says

    I really like the Moss colour, and have been lurking on their website for some time now. But I must finish my wips before I indulge again!

  47. Linda Rumsey says

    So hard to narrow the choice down to one favourite colour. At the moment it would be Bluebell (665).

  48. I go through this every time I’m ordering! So many beautiful shades it’s difficult to choose but Loganberry appeals to me – I could eat it!

  49. I was drawn by the nose into an Edinburgh yarn shop last year and it was Titanic in the Jamieson’s range that I fell in love with; the subtle blues set off by the touch of crimson. I love their sea colours, they capture the atmosphere and light. I also appreciate shades such as moss that remind me of woodland walks. I’ve bought three colourways from Jamieson’s so far and have loved the richness of the colours πŸ™‚

    Hoping to make Shetland Wool Week next year!

  50. Knitnorth says

    Oh my! This is an impossible question! So many!
    But ok I’ll choose one: sand – it is a subtle highly heathered pale cream with pink, yellow grey purple flecks – absolutely stunning

  51. Alessandra Parsons (PokedaGoblin on Ravelry) says

    Wow, that is an overwheleming amount of colours. I shall certainly keep this in mind for my next colour work project.

    My favourite is 585 Plum.

  52. LuisaM says

    How can you make us choose one?!?
    I love blue so I tried to pick one… oh well… I’ll say 162-Neptune.

  53. Crafty Wifey says

    Such a difficult choice. I am between Cornfield and Loganberry. Cornfield because it is bright and summery (and we are currently in spring) and Loganberry because of the earthy berry tones. All are wonderful colours!

  54. Jacqui Walker says

    Erm peacock, no cornfield, no loganberry, no Neptune, no…erm…peacock!

  55. Gill Buckerfield says

    Clematis and opal are my favourite colours but very difficult to choose.

  56. J&S have so many extraordinarily beautiful colours. My mother used to do a lot of Fair Isle knitting (sadly she can’t anymore,due to shoulder problems) and I remember playing with the J&S shade booklets when I was small (as well as being a swift for countless skeins of J&S yarn). I love the marled shades like Titanic and Pacific.
    LucyEliz on Ravelry.

    • louise says

      Yes, both jamiesons of Shetland and jamieson & smith have excellent colour palettes. I love that these two separate companies are producing fantastic yarns from the sheep in Shetland, but with their own distinct colours and feels.

  57. Monty Mouse says

    What a lovely prize but it so difficult to chose a colour, they are all so beautiful. I love a lot of the natural shades but for the coloured ones it would have to be sky, I love the subtle shades in it, from the stormy grey through to clear blue. Everything you get in a British summers day.

  58. I can sense a definite feeling of indecision coming on when I finally make it up to Shetland!

    After much deliberation, I think my favourite at the moment is ‘Sherbet’.

  59. Terri says

    Gorgeous color selection. How do you pick just one? I’ll have to go with my partiality to purples and pick 598 Mulberry. Thanks for sharing this trip with us.

  60. It was almost impossible to choose, but Seabright caught my eye – I love the name too – it conjures up images of sunlight sparkling on waves!

  61. Debby says

    Thank you for that link to the Jamieson’s website – what a feast of colour! So hard to choose, but I’d pick Yell Sound Blue, with the bonus of its great name.

  62. Debby says

    Thank you for that link to the Jamieson’s website – what a feast of colour! So hard to choose, but I’d pick Yell Sound Blue, with the bonus of its great name.

  63. Jacinta says

    I think the Tartan green is gorgeous, or maybe I am getting that Christmassy feeling;-)

  64. Lynne says

    Loving the wool week posts, and your generosity. I would choose Mirage, which reminds me of Shetland on a hot* summer day, where the sea, sky, beach and moor merge in the distance.

    * For the disbelieving, the worst sunburn I have ever had came after an afternoon on the pier at Lerwick, when my scalp was blistered through my hair with the intensity of the sun bouncing off the harbour water!

  65. Louise, this is so generous of you! I read your post about the mill with so much joy and jealousy! I’m working on John to get us to Shetland – he is a big folkie so it will happen sometime soon and I hope to get myself down to the museum πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I scrolled through the Jamieson website looking for the BRIGHTEST colour and my eye was caught by the Lipstick shade. Total shocker. I went through the colours several times and was still really taken by that one. Soooo….I ordered some πŸ˜€

  66. D Louise says

    My favorite color, hands down, is cornflower.

    We also did a tour of the mill, but we did not get goodie bags. Sigh. Love the pattern, too.

  67. Siobhan says

    Aubretia is calling to me. Definitely purple but with a nice bit of pink and blue to catch the eye.

  68. Laura says

    What a great idea for a competition. Thank you!
    I have to confess to owning the shade card at home and I sometimes open it up just to have the pleasure of trying to decide which colour I like best.
    It’s a tough choice, but I think 151 Titanic is my fave: it reminds me of walks along my favourite pebbly beach on the North Sea coast.

  69. Kathy says

    Everybody seems to be having trouble choosing just one color, and I’m no different. As I went through the colors, I found myself leaning towards the heathery shades: sunset, moorgrass, woodgreen, rosewood, bramble, and many others. But Sunset caught my eye most, so that’s my choice.

  70. Michelle says

    Wonderful giveaway – thank you so much!
    Anyways, my favourite colour that I’m currently knitting with is ‘Petunia’ – gorgeous dark pink with flecks of purple shades.

    We recently visited the mill while we were on holiday – had to buy a shade card so I can pet all the pretty colours!

    Hollyknit1 on Ravelry

  71. Fiona says

    i have two favourites. One being Titanic. I just bought a sweaters worth in Spindrift. The other being Seabright.

  72. Magdalena says

    So many amazing colors to choose from! It’s hard to decide, but I think my choice would be 130 Sky. I like all shades of blue, but this is very delicate and it preserves some of the wool natural tints.
    Best regards!

    magdu on raverly

  73. Christine says

    My favourite colour in “Salmon”. It has the occasional fleck of blue, and sometimes yellow, through it – reminiscent of the salmon jumping in the River – the slightest glimpse just to tease!

  74. India says

    It probably doesn’t count to say “all of them”! so I will say #1260, “raspberry”. I knit Kate Davies’ Scatness Tunic with Jamieson Spindrift, and love the yarn and the colors!

  75. I loved reading through all the posts and everybodies favourite colours. I was lucky enough to have visited jamiesons shop last week when I was in shetland and picked up some wool.So many wonderful colours to choose from!! My favourite colour would have to be oceanic. Thanks for posting blogs etc. so I can read all about Shetland Wool Week as I missed it.

  76. Helen says

    Wow – how to decide! It’s amazing how mant different colours have been chosen as favourites. I love all the heathery ones but I think I particularly like Scotch Broom.

  77. Sharon says

    I love shades of grey and Granite in particular, is the colour of my husbands beard!

  78. Deb Brady says

    Red is my favorite color. And the Jameison red is the
    Perfect shade of red for me.

  79. Sally Baird says

    I adore the lipstick and splash, when I order I’m visual and want everything xxx

  80. Sarah says

    Beautiful colours and I’d like to see them all up close!! Cobalt 684 seems an especially nice shade of blue.

  81. Karen Maley says

    Too many lovely colours to choose. Today i’ll pick Gentian. Thanks for the opportunity.

  82. Polly says

    243 Storm is my colour, reminds of the my wonderful stay on the Shetlands last year.

  83. Patty Lyda Long says

    My favorite color is and always has been paprika. I worked for a family run knit shop called Creative Yarns here in the states, for many years. At the time, we were the only stockist of Jamieson and Smith Shetland wools in our area – southeast US. I miss those days. I loved ‘playing with colors’ of shetland, helping my knitting students and customers plan their own Fair Isle patterns. Thank you for this opportunity to comment. I really enjoy reading your blog and the comments on Facebook. Should you choose me, I would love the prize, of course!

  84. I’m a Swedish knitter and I love knitting fair isle. The colour I like best is Seabright. My Ravelryname is EvaL8. If you look there you will se my fair isle knitted sweaters and cardigans.

  85. Wasn’t woolweek amazing! I have never been to the mill. A good idea for next year…!

    And what a huge amount of colours. I will pick ‘moss’. It is so Shetland.

    Best wishes!

  86. Joanna says

    Wow, so many to choose from. I’m always drawn to the natural colours, but also love the depth and hue of rosemary of Rosemary. x

  87. Just found your blog! Wish I had dropped in on time for this giveaway. But I can’t wait to finish reading all your blog posts. I love to knit lace and I want to knit a wedding ring shawl. Maybe two since I have 2 daughters (:

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