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Odds & Ends

My projects for KnitBritish do appear slow in coming, if the blog is anything to go by!

I assure you I am not just buying British wool, but I am working with it too! My needles aren’t working any less, but I seem to be starting projects before finishing ones and putting off finishing others due to the prospect of knitting finicky edgings!

What I have come to realise is that I have only knitted one thing for myself so far. This contravenes the pledge I make every year – that I am sure many knitters also pledge….


While thinking about my year of knitting British I quickly came to the conclusion that the patterns I knit would need to be small-ish and quick enough to generate lots of project blogs (ahem! There WILL be more!) and already I am thinking that I could get a real head start of the gift knitting for birthdays, expected baby of friend and, dare I say it, maybe even some Christmas gifts ( don’t gasp, I may be optimistic, but I am rarely *that* organised)
Then I thought those five words again! Even if my F&Fs have lovely knitted gifts made from British fibre, what shall I have to show for my year? – apart from this blog, naturally!

While organising my stash, I found the answer. My odds & ends balls from my projects so far – and the odds & ends of future KnitBritish projects – little projects in themselves! When i cast off a project I am going to use the remaining yarn to knit a square of whichever size the end allows.

I’ll put that square aside and add to the pile after every pattern. At the end of the year I will try and piece it together; I might have enough for a scarf, a runner, a wall hanging, a blanket… Just something that represents everything I made in the year and celebrating UK fibre, as well as everyone who goes into producing it from animal to the finished yarn!


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