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KnitBritish Episode 2 and the Very Blustery Day

I apologise in advance. The wind is unrelenting in whipping around the house and can be heard in the background a little – not much I can do about it,  you will just have to ride it out with me!

You can listen here or subscribe on  iTunes.

Update: Due to space, I can no longer upload episodes into the blog – find on your favourite podcatcher or right click to open this player link in a new window: Podgen player

This episode there is….





  1. I enjoyed your second episode, could hardly hear any disruption from the weather and not distracted at all. I’m liking the music at the beginning and all the sounds of the sea and sheep through out. I live in a remote part of Wester Ross and purchase craft goods online frequently, though I’m not signed up to any yarn clubs (yet!), it’s always a good day when the post van stops to deliver a parcel of yarn. Looking forward to hearing more. Just off to check out all your lovely links….Julia

    • louise says

      Aw, Julia thank you so much. I guess it’s more “atmospheric” than disruptive! Yes we rely on online shopping at lot too. I will record my opening of my parcel for the next one. Can highly recommend Ripplescrafts but also considering a Golden Skein club too!
      I wanted to have some local sounds included, glad you like it.
      Thanks for listening 😉

  2. Wow. Just…wow. Thank you so much for this review, Louise! It means so very much to me that you were so pleased with Soot.

    I recently took the ‘mini’ off the name of this yarn as I realised it was misleading people into thinking they were tiny! So the yarn is now just called TWIST…just to avoid any confusion for listeners.

    I plan to continually use this line to feature one of a kind colourways (OOAKs) and experiments, as they are helping me to be more environmental in using up dye ends!

    They are my little bit of fun at the end of a dyeing day. 😉

  3. Julia says

    I enjoyed the second episode of your blog. I’m not sure I could hear the wind in the background, but I do like the sound of the sheep. What a lovely description of the Kettle Yarn Co’s yarn. I can recommend Ripplescrafts sock yarn club, lovely yarn and lovely colours. Looking forward to episode 3!

  4. Wendy says

    Really enjoyed listening to your first two episodes and in fact I listened to them twice! Don’t normally do that! So much interesting info and loved the sound effects which instantly conjured up images of Shetland. Your tempting description of yarn had my fingers twitching to have a look. Please keep going as this is right up my street! Would love to hear more about Shetland.

  5. Margaret N says

    Thank you so much for your podcasts, which I thoroughly enjoyed listening to. I agreed totally with Wendy’s comments and look forward to further podcasts. Knitting British is becoming more important to me and I am now off to investigate the lionks in your show notes.

  6. Morag says

    Wow! Where have I been?.? Just got back into knitting after a looooong break. This is so interesting thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I’ll be knitting British from now on!
    better get back to catching up!!

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