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How often have you finished making an item and thought “Ooh, I could make that again!”

Over the years there have been occasions where I’ve perhaps made two or three items from the same pattern (4 Lushes; 3 Crofthoose Hats; 2 Mochs, a couple of crias) and I know there are a lot of you out there who have knit more of the same pattern too. Sometimes though…sometimes, there is a design that we always mean to make again, but never quite get round to it.

It’s there, it’s on the queue, you often look at it and think about casting on… you probably even have the yarn for it, don’t you?!

It’s the kind of project that perhaps we initially made as a gift from someone else (Ishbel) and want one for yourself; or it could be that the design may benefit from a different yarn, or gauge, or a yarn with a different fibre content than the last time (Marin). Perhaps it is a design of a FO that you lost and would dearly like to recreate (Estuary). It could also be a WIP that you couldn’t wait to cast on, a pattern that you so longed for, but it needs ripped out and started again (Hamegaet and Nuthap). Whatever it is, it is a design that has just captured a bit of your heart and you just want to make it again again (Hansel, Snowflake , Lush (Again!) )

If that is the case for you too, and various projects sprang to mind whilst reading that, then the remakery might be the motivation you need.

From May (remakery) I’ll be setting my sights on remaking one or two of these items and I’d be so delighted if you also wanted to use this focus too. For some of us the promise of warmer weather (which I believe is still to come!) can help us lose our making mojo, so perhaps the idea of remaking some old favourites will help keep that mojo stoked.

Group motivation always helps with kickstarting those cast ons and WIPs into FOs, so I’ll open a chatty thread in the KnitBritish Ravelry group. Get over there and start talking about what you want to remake this spring/summer. Show off the designs you really want to make again and tell us why they need to be remade. You can use the hashtag #KnitBritishRemakery on social media too. I’ll also be looking at the remakes on the podcast too. The fact that #MeMadeMay is almost upon us could mean even more motivation for you.

As the weather is hopefully going to turn a bit nicer I think I will be focusing my own wee remakery on shawls. Though how I will choose is going to be a fun task…more on this soon!

Don’t feel that you need to limit yourself to just re-knitting either – if this is the motivation you need why not re-sew, re-crochet or re-weave! Remakery might also be a good excuse to pick up something that has been languishing in your WIP pile forever. If this sounds like a focus you could use this summer then start chatting in the KB Rav group and watch this space.



  1. Susan Hobkirk says

    I have a remakery but my problem is, I can’t remember what the pattern was! I have the finished article which I am giving as a birthday present. Knitted it a while ago but didn’t block it. I have fallen in love with it but can’t keep it. I’m going to have to go through my mountain of patterns to find it! Why am I so disorganised?

  2. I’m in – need to rip out half a jumper so I can re-knit Scollay (appropriately) in Lyonesse DK…

  3. Jean Miles says

    I’m in! In fact, I’m re-making at the moment — a Gladys Amedeo pattern sold by Jamieson and Smith. They call it Sletts Shawl or something similar. It’s not in her book. I knit it 21 years ago for my grandson Archie (as he proved to be) and am re-doing it for a great-grandchild due in April. Coming along nicely.

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