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Remakery Magic

I cannot let 2017 slip away without shouting out about the Remakery. This is an ongoing casual-KAL where we remake items from our knitting past that we always wanted to try again. Perhaps we knit the original for a friend and wanted one for ourselves. Maybe it was a knit that got away and you want to recreate it. Maybe you wanted to remake it bigger, or with mods. Whatever the reason there is a chatter thread in the KnitBritish Ravelry group.

Over 75 remakes happened in the group since the spring and split roughly between garments and accessories. I remade two items: the Antarktis shawl, which I knit in New Leaf Alpaca and Shetland yarn. I also remade Marin, by Ysolda, in the amazing Ramble from Kettle Yarn Co.

I’ve also realised that my recently cast off OWLS sweater is also a remake! Hurrah! I should really give them eyes though!

You can view all of the remakery makes over at Raverly and this is ongoing, so do feel free to keep remaking. My Ishbel in Blacker Brushwork is still on the needles and I foresee another Lush in my future. What will you remake in 2018?

Thanks to all the remakers. You are all magic! Thanks for sharing your remakes on social media too. Check out #KnitBritishremakery (and also #remakery though there are non kb content in there too!)


  1. Bronchitikat says

    For some reason when I clicked on the ‘Read More’ bit my computer came up with a warning that your emailed latest entry might be something suspicious and not at all what it appeared to be. The browser wouldn’t open the page.

    When I clicked on the comment button, the page opened. No prevarication, no problem. No, I don’t understand either.

    As for Remarry – I’ve been knitting socks all through 2017; either work socks for my husband, or plain vanilla socks in Knitting Goddess yarns for family and friends who appreciate such works of art. Also ‘Fetching’ mitts for myself and a friend. And I suppose there was the knitted blanket for another friends’ wedding, the knitted squares were a repeat, the arrangement different.

    • Louise says

      Hiya! Yeah something in the latest update has made our links start with https:// rather than http:// – we’re working on it. if you have further issues just remove the ‘s’ after the http in the browser bar.

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