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episode 45 – I want to cast on all the things!

It’s autumny/wintry; the clocks have changed and a darker period of the year is opening up in front of us, offering us more knitting time…is that what I want to cast on all the things??




KnitBritish is sponsored by BritYarn. To find the very best of British wool and an incredible range of patterns by British based designers click on the logo of Ethel the Sheep! New in stock this month is The Shawl Project 2!



| Incredible patterns

Today – I warn you – I will not be responsible for heavy enabling. Blame the designers and the yarnies who have been creating wonder and enabling ME to want to talk about them and want to cast on all the things! Listen in for the full enablement…if you dare!

I’ve fallen in love with Trondra hat by Emily K Williams; As Autumn Falls by Amanda B Collins; Tesseract by Katya Frankel and Clare Devine’s Tea Hat Collection.  I was lucky enough to test some of the tea hats and I knit some more than once, as I just fell in love with these great, characterful toppers!

Yarn Review – Chilla Valley Alpaca and Shetland Lambswool Chunky

Isla at BritYarn sent me this incredible yarn to review and I tested it out with the Lapsang cowl! It is 70% alpaca and 30% Shetland lambswool which gives the fat plied, soft yarn a real bouncy quality. So very unlike other alpaca yarns I’ve knit which have grown in the wash and had less stitch definition than woollen yarns – this yarn has incredible definition – look at the unblocked cowl.


It is an incredible yarn, perfect for some luxury softness against your skin and definitely apt for your selfish winter knitting! It costs £13.60 for 100g/110m – just right for a one skein project! There is a whole range of Chilla Valley Yarn available at BritYarn and you deserve them all!

| Socktober and BritSock

I have an almost finished pair of SOCKS! And I feel empowered as a knitter after doing an afterthought heel!

[Inserts photo of finished socks in here, when done]

And it is all thanks to Joy, The Knitting Goddess, for her Round and Round socks pattern and her BritSock yarn, which she sent me to try out. This Britsock is 40% BFL, 20% Alpaca, 20% Wensleydale and 20% nylon and it was all sourced in the UK – even the nylon! What I love about this yarn is that it is soft and lustrous and just unique from other sock yarn in my stash. It is soft and drapey enough for other items, but that high twist means it has great stitch definition and bounce for your feet. Recently the BritSock has had a wee revolution and now contains 40% Falkland Polwarth, instead of BFL. Polwarth is known for its softness and elasticity and it really will put a spring in your step!

Meadow of violets from The Knitting Goddess

Meadow of violets from The Knitting Goddess

Joy, I think you’ve made a sock knitter out of me! Thank you! If that wasn’t enough Joy has given us another incredible British yarn from her range to give-away, but I am gonna be cruel and keep it for another day as we have one give-away this episode already….so watch this space! 

| Drift – a pattern collection curated by Eden Cottage Yarns 

This new pattern book features 10 amazing designers creating 12 designs in ECY Whitfell DK 100% alpaca. The designs – from accessories to sweaters – all have the personal stamp of each designer and features incredible photography by Victoria Magnus. Victoria’s eye for the details in nature is just as amazing as her focus on the knitwear.

I am undone by the sweaters Cloudburst by Dieuwke Van Mulligan, which is a simple raglan sweater, but with a really effective eyelet design on the shoulder and at the hip – and Ja Ja, by Asa Tricossa, which is a jacket with a real pop of colour and zing – perfect for cutting through the grey of winter. 

The collection is truly cast-onable and the yarn is the superstar! Its really a stunning book for any knitter’s coffee table. Listen in for the full review.

Drift costs £18 for the book, £13.50 for the ebook and patterns are available singly too! Thank so much to Eden Cottage Yarns for the review and extra special thanks for a GIVEAWAY of three balls of the Whitfell DK yarn. Scroll to the bottom to find out how to enter.

 | Wool Shop Shout Out – Phileas Yarns 

There is a new British-based designer on the block! Check out Phileas Yarns on etsy – this is dyer Sylvie, who is based in York and she has a range of bases from British BFL to ethical New merino to heavenly wool and alpaca blends and I just know you are going to fall in love with her rich, deep, burnished colours, like I have. Do check her out and watch for regular updates and a new base coming soon!


| I ran out of time! 

I didn’t get to tell you about the wondrous Seven Skeins Club from Kate Davies, so we’ll do that another time when you’ve quite recovered from all this enabling! Wonderful WOVEMBER is almost upon us so do join in with the fun with Felix and I over there. Watch out on the blog throughout next month for a special focus on natural gradients too. Until then….happy knitting.

| Info 

Featured image via Music: in order of appearance; Carefree by Kevin McleodInterlude by Cosmic Analogue Ensemble and G of the Bang by Doctor Turtle  – all available from the Free Music Archive. 

IMG_3164 (1)

| Eden Cottage Yarns Give-away entry. 

To win three balls of Whitfell DK in Ebony, Natural and Misty Woods please follow this link to ECY and tell me a lovely pattern from Drift and the colour of Whitfell you would chose to knit it in.

RULES: You must leave a comment by 30th November 2015, 12pm (UK). Please enter with the name of the pattern and the colour you’d chose…anything less and I will remove your comment – saying “I don’t know, they’re all nice” is not an answer I want to see! Good Luck!

Update: 30/11/15: Through the wonder of the winner is comment number 1 – Pat Collingwood! Thanks to everyone who entered!

ecy winner


  1. Another great podcast you evil enabler! Love the Drift collection and I’d knit Ja Ja in the charcoal with dogwood as the pop of colour.

  2. I am a cardigan girl and so would knit Turbine in my first choice colour of Charcoal.

  3. Bronchitikat says

    Reckon I’d cast on Honey Bee, in the mauve colour – whatever that’s called. Sometimes colour names just aren’t intuitive!

  4. Carol Christie says

    Charcoal seems to be a popular colour! I’d knit a Cloudburst in it. Suitably stormy.

  5. Helen S says

    Such a tricky decision! Cloudburst looks lovely, but I think I’d cast on Hardcastle first, in Lichen.

  6. Lizzie says

    Hardcastle, in the fabulous Dogwood, then I can admire my hands all winter long…

  7. Isa R. says

    I love the details on the Cloudburst sweater, knit in Ebony it would be the perfect addition to my handmade wardrobe

  8. Jullia Connelly says

    I would knit the Hardcastle fingerless mitts.I really like how they are both delicate and bold at the same time.They would look striking in Fuchsia which reminds me of the hedgerows in Ireland dripping with fuchias where I spent my summer holidays.I also have an impulse buy lipstick in the exact same colour with nothing to go with it!

  9. I would knit Bothel in Steel. ( yes, I did originally read the title of the pattern as Brothel, could be why it made me think twice).

  10. Helene says

    I’d love to knit Cloudburst in Steel, the colour would fit perfectly in my wardrobe.

  11. Liz Shields says

    I’m keen to start making shawls so I would knit Swale in Ebony with Misty Woods as the contrast

  12. Joyofchicks says

    I’d make Caldbeck in Laburnum as I’ve never crocheted mitts before and I have a bit of a pash for that shade right now.

  13. Kelly Burghart says

    Wow! Such gorgeous patterns and lovely alpaca yarn. I would knit the Swale hap in Lichen with Charcoal as the second color for the stripes.

  14. I would knit Pimms Cup. I really love how it looks in Dogwood, but I think I would have to pick Lichen. It’s a super tough choice though!

  15. Elouise Kevern says

    I would knit Ja Ja in charcoal and steel, I love the idea of those two colours together. I’m definitely putting Drift on my Christmas list.

  16. kayrine says

    I’d totally seems myself wearing à clouburst sweater in the dogwood colourway… Very autumnal but wearable all year long!! It’s à beautiful pattern and the dogwood colourway would make it perfection:-D

  17. Tilly Trout says

    My daughter just had her first scan for my little grandchild. We are so excited so I would knit HoneyBee and love the lichen colour. I don’t like wishy washy pastel baby clothes and I think lichen would be stunning

  18. sophie (kamalalotus on rav, sophie_kamalaine on ig) says

    I would knit the cardi Turbine with the yellow laburnum!

  19. Trisha Thomas says

    Would be the Hardcastle mitts in Misty Woods. The pattern is striking and the colours are lovely, but I think I like the Misty Woods the best.

  20. Alison Wade says

    I would knit Pimms Cup in Ebony to keep my head warm all winter long.

  21. Shelly says

    I cannot wait to knit the Sale shawl. I plan on making it in the colourways of Tarn and Wild Raspberry. Thank you for the chance to win some of this lovely yarn!

  22. Carol says

    Such a difficult choice but my vote goes to Honey Bee for my first knit in Dogwood for my 2 year old granddaughter, Hope. She really suits bright colours, especially red, so this would be perfect for her. The book is on my Christmas list!

  23. Terry Prehara says

    So many lovely patterns. Since I will be knitting for little ones, I choose Honey Bee pattern knit with The colour Dogwood.

  24. Jayne Flynn says

    I would definitely knit Ja Ja in Charcoal and Dogwood – I think that would really make a powerful looking Jacket 🙂 Beautiful pattern by the way 🙂

  25. As I can never have enough pairs of fingerless mitts I would choose Hardcastle knitted up in that lovely vibrant Dogwood. Also a Cloudburst in Steel would be divine 🙂

  26. Tommi T. says

    I’d love to make Embleton in Whitfell DK Ebony. So I sure hope I win! xo.

  27. Carol says

    What a tough choice but, if I could cast on right now, I’d definitely go with Pimm’s Cup in Charcoal. One can never have enough warm caps here in Wisconsin.

  28. I’m always cold so a cardigan is just the right pattern for me. My favourite pattern from the book is Ja Ja and I would knit it mainly in Dogwood and add highlights in Lichen. I bet that would look fab!

  29. Barbara Sutton says

    I would love to knit Hardcastle in Steel. Grey goes with everything!

  30. I would love to knit Swale in charcoal with natural stripes. I have knit four haps now and none were for me! This must be rectified.

  31. Tanya says

    I found this lovely podcast post the hapalong and feel i missed out so would have to knit Swale. I’d have to choose beautiful, vibrant dogwood and fuschia to brighten up any winter!

  32. Carol says

    Justyna’s Turbine in Steel, that was easier than I though it would be, as I do like Drift, but when I had to pick it just jumped out at me ☺️

  33. Thekla says

    So taken by the Cloudburst and Embleton designs! Ebony would be my first choice of color…so skwooshy and cosy looking.
    I so enjoy hearing about yarns that are not common in the US…

  34. Terri says

    Hi, love this collection but first choice would have to be Turbine in charcoal

  35. I love the ja ja cardigan. I would use charcoal. If I can be greedy I would also love to knit the shawl Swale in ebony and laburnum

  36. Silvercloud says

    Cloudburst in Misty Woods would be utterly perfect for “me” knitting.

  37. Swale, because since the hap-along, I can’t get enough shawls!! You’ve created a monster! I would pick natural and charcoal for my colorway. Crossing my fingers.

  38. Wooliefeatures says

    I love the swale pattern and id have to use the steel colour for the body and natural for the stripes. I’m all about the neutrals when knitting for myself!

  39. Molly says

    Stop, you’re making me want to cast on all the things too!

    I’d knit the Bothel hat in Dogwood, with a Misty Woods colour pompom 😀

  40. Lynn Spann Bowditch says

    Honeybee, in Lichen, and in Misty Woods (one foe each of two darling girls, Fi and La).

  41. Sandra says

    I would choose to knit the Cloudburst jumper in Misty Woods. But very difficult to choose.

  42. Siobhan says

    I’d knit Swale in Fuschia with stripes in Misty Woods, that would make me very warm and very happy.

  43. Doreen says

    I would love to knit Swale in the beautiful colours shown in the picture: Dogwood and Ebony. Lovely. And I love the other patterns too but Swale is my first choice to make. 🙂 thanks for all the information in your podcasts. Doreen

  44. sherry says

    Yeah yeah I know – I’m not allowed to say I love them all (even though I do). But my favorite is definitely Turbine. I love a cardigan. And I would do it in charcoal, which is a lovely shade of deep dark gray that would coordinate beautifully with my almost entirely black wardrobe. Alpaca is (one of) my favorite things to knit with so I’d be extra happy to win this one.

  45. Karen says

    Hello Louise,
    I enjoy your podcast and listen to every episode.
    If I could choose something from this giveaway, I would choose the ebony colour, and the pattern ‘Swale’. (Misty woods would be a lovely secondary colour.)

    Looking foward to the next episode.
    (Fergus, Ontario) (Originally settled by Scots)

  46. Jackie says

    Drift definitely goes on my Xmas list too! First choice is Turbine knit in ebony. My go to neutral that goes with my whole wardrobe.

  47. Felicity says

    I would choose the pattern ‘Turbine’ and knit it in the lovely red ‘Dogwood’

  48. Jen Markow says

    I love, love, l love your podcast. I am fairly new (since July) to even listening to podcasts and have been exploring many new ones. Thank you for all that you share with us!

    I would make Turbine in Misty Woods…I love alpaca!

    Thank you!


  49. Wendy says

    Thank you for my spot of cozy many a day, Louise! I would like to knit Turbine in Dogwood-elegant and strong!

  50. Bowen says

    I would knit Cloudburst in misty woods and Bothel in natural. It’s a beautiful collection is patterns and yarn.

  51. Anita says

    Thanks for the impetus to explore Eden Cottage Yarns, which I have long wanted to do since I became addicted to Knit British.
    I would have to choose HoneyBee in the Dogwood colorway. Perfect for the little girl in my life. Warm, soft and vibrant!

  52. Imogen Taylor says

    I think Pimms cup in Laburnum, but with a Steel pom pom. Then maybe use the leftover Steel to knit the Harcastle mitts.

  53. Rebecca Jones says

    I would knit Hardcastle fingerless mitts in Fuschia because I love the cable and pink is my go to colour after Navy (which isn’t an option:-()

  54. Linda Williamson says

    OK, it’s one of the bigger patterns so a hat would be more do-able, but I love the Jaja jacket ‘cos of the flash of bright at the turnover. So I’d make that in ebony with a dogwood flash

  55. Helenhfj says

    Ja Ja is already in my Rav favourites. I’d have to knit it in Charcoal and Dogwood to match my hair, which is currently red with a band of black round the bottom 🙂

  56. Maggie says

    I would knit Ja Ja in Charcoal with the accent of Lichen. It’s already in my queue!

  57. I’d knit the Honey Bee jumper for my daughter, in the purple shade – her favourite colour!

  58. Mhairi says

    Slightly behind in your podcasts thanks to a 5 week old but finally finished this episode at 4 this morning.
    The drift collection is lovely, my favourite is JaJa and I’d probably knit it in a combination of charcoal and dogwood. That said, I’d buy slightly extra dogwood to then make a honey bee for my 2 year old niece who would love the bright red.

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