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early harvest

It’s still summer….it’s still summer….it’s still summer… this is my mantra, even though it’s rainy and blustery and my attention keeps turning to the *idea* of warmer clothes. I caught myself today thinking, “Hmmm, I think I need to knit a new scarf”.

but it’s still summer…IT IS STILL SUMMER…

…Even though here in Shetland we have recently had a bright blistering hot day, followed by a wrap-your-coat-around-you day, followed by another fine day, followed by ex-Bertha weather, followed by sunshine and showers. My summer and winter coats compete on a daily basis.

But it IS still only August…

…even though the purple is burning in the heather and that is a sure sign that summer won’t last much longer.

So as I procrastinate on Ravelry this evening, is it no wonder that all the things I am drawn to involve getting a bit cosier? And really – although it is still summer – there’s nothing wrong with a few autumn knits making it into the queue and being prepared for cooler weather. Thankfully, a recent collection from Marie Wallin is providing a veritable bounty of autumn fruits, just ripe for the knitting.

Appleby table decoration.  Photo: Marie Wallin

Appleby table decoration – Photo: Marie Wallin

Lakeland: Collection 2 was published last month and there are 14 garments, accessories and soft furnishing to banish even the merest thought of the cold! I adore the Kendal snood, I think those twists of cable and moss stitch add more warmth and feelings of bundling oneself up!

KENDAL_SNOOD_SHOT_10_047 (1500x1000)

Kendal Snood – Photo: Marie Wallin

The collection is knit in Rowan’s Purelife British Sheep Breed yarn; just look at the Bowness cushion and Cartmel rug and get a load of the fantastic natural colours in the Purelife range. When the yarn includes Bluefaced Leicester, Black Welsh, Jacob, Suffolk, Shetland, Masham you are spoilt with British breed wools. I really like the home accessories in the collection – perfect for curling up with when the weather is inclement.


Bowness and Cartmel – Photo: Marie Wallin

Lakeland is a celebration of British heritage wear, the landscape of the Lake District and our fantastic sheep breed yarns.

You can buy the book here at Marie Wallin’s website and it costs £14.99 plus P&P.

: :  Thank you to Marie Wallin for the kind use of her photographs : :


  1. I recently ordered this book and I love it – lovely to look at, lovely patterns and great photography and styling. I love all the tweed clothing in the book and the story behind the shepherdess. I go hiking in the Lake District quite often so apart from all the garments looking so gorgeous, I know their namesakes quite well too which just makes me want to knit everything in it!

    • louise says

      It’s good to know that autumn knits are on the pins and it’s not just me dreaming of colder days!

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