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Baa Baa Book Sheep

Just before Christmas I was thinking that maybe I needed a little mascot to cheer me through my KnitBritish projects. As if by magic, the next day I got my wish.

I have blogged before about how much I really like the work of Bronia Sawyer – particularly her book sculptures. So when I joked that she should try making a sheep, I was in awe when – later that same day – she produced a picture of the little paper fella – replete in curly locks!

Further awed was I  – after thinking how I should find a KnitBritish mascot – when she offered her little creation to me!

Quickly I knit up a cowl to offer in kind – how could one not respond woollily when offered a sheep? – and within a few days a parcel arrived!



…and all tucked up inside was a a wordy, curly, pal….



Thank you, Bronia! Your little work of art  is now overseeing blog-writing and keeping an eye on the KnitBritish board!



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  1. Thank you I just saw this blog Im so happy you like it I also love the lovely soft cowl you sent in return. wheneve i ware it it makes me realize the power of the internet. and how i have been able to connect with some lovely arty friends through the web. 🙂

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