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KnitBritish Woolly Muckers: Listener Sponsors

I am pleased to announce that I will be launching the KnitBritish Woolly Muckers on Friday. If you have no idea what the KnitBritish Woolly Muckers are, read this post first. This is an opportunity for you to sponsor an episode of KnitBritish in 2017.

I am opening the Woolly Mucker sales on Friday. 3rd February at 11am (UK time). There will also be a podcast out that day too. There are ten (10) spots only. I do not expect them to all disappear at once, but when they are gone, they are gone, so this post is your klaxon, of sorts.

This is the link you need for the shop.
(It will be added to the menu above soon too)

You’ve been asking me for ways to support KnitBritish, but we’re doing it my way, so you want to help KnitBritish then I want to give you things! Essentially, what you are doing is buying a bundle of goodies and the terms of the sale mean that you are also going to sponsor an episode of the show in 2017.

For your £35 (plus additional postage) this is what you get.

  • TWO 100g skeins of limited edition Cornish Tin II DK, in Levant Grey – courtesy of the very lovely, kind and generous Blacker Yarns . (Worth over £30.00)
  • A handmade, screenprinted project bag from The Knitting Goddess, printed in colours to represent my love of natural sheepy shades on heavyweight fairtrade organic cotton. (34cm tall x 28 cm wide) (RRP £25.00)
  • A KnitBritish dotted notebook and badge! (You are meant to be as impressed with this as you would a Blankety Blank Chequebook and pen!)
  • You will be a featured sponsor of an episode of the show in 2017.

Click on an image to open a larger slide show

Your episode (on a date tbc between us) will bear the message “KnitBritish is proud to be sponsored by “Insert your name here” (or words to that effect).  If you are game, I’d also like to include you in the episode a bit more, but I know that some people are a bit shy.

I can’t think of another way to sufficiently thank you for your support unless I make you part of the show in some small way.

The shop accepts PayPal only and the Woolly Muckers bundles will be posted out once per week. I will post to UK, Europe (select “France” for European destinations), USA, Canada, Australia and NZ. Postage applies for each country. Postage is untracked and will be second class UK and standard International.

Woolly Muckers Listener Sponsors are only open to individuals, not businesses. Please do not purchase this if you have a wool business interest that you are looking to promote via the show. If you are a business and interested in sponsoring the podcast you can visit the sponsor menu option above, but please be aware there are very few spaces left for 2017.

There will be tote bags coming soon, but to save my own confusion they will go on sale later in the month.

I must apologise for the length of time its taken since I first announced it, one or two things behind the scenes transpired all at once, and well, tbh, I’ve been struggling a bit recently – like we all have. However, we need to be positive about the things we can be positive about and shine a little light where we can.

This is a new kind of thing for KB and something we haven’t done before. I don’t predict too many foibles, but do email me louise (at) knitbritish (dot) net, if you have any questions.

Until Friday!


  1. Freyalyn says

    OK, I admit that when you first announced the Woolly Muckers idea, I immediately assumed it would be aimed at businesses and cost much more than this. Serves me right for jumping to conclusions. This is a lovely idea, really nicely put together, and well worth doing. (And what good value too!)

    • louise says

      No no! Biz get a good rate and they get a good promo for their pound. Listeners deserve more goodies. 😉 Thanks

  2. Connie says

    It’s a great idea, and I’m tempted…. Would you post to Switzerland? In theory, it’s in Europe, but postage to this country is usually more than other European destinations….

    And – will there be a repeat of this in 2018???

    • louise says

      The postage for switzerland is the same for Europe…at least that is what Royal Mail tells me. Big Cartel doesn’t have a “Europe” option, so I sure as heck am not going to list all the countries haha!

      We’ll see how this years one goes first, but maybe 😉

  3. I love this idea, Louise – I was also surprised (in a good way) that this is open to individual listeners rather than businesses. Sounds exciting!

    • Louise says

      thank you,
      yes, i was perhaps not clear in my first post – i still want to have business sponsors but i’ll have less. Biz Sponsors are always very tailored to KB and will remain so. 😉

  4. Hi. So exciting – for listeners and for you. Love the podcast, so ready for Friday and an attempt to sponsor. Thanks for each and every episode btw. x

  5. Sharon says

    Very exciting Louise! I am also happy to learn we have a new podcast coming in a few, thanks.

  6. Ingrid says

    Great idea, tried to get one and thought I had but then got to final pay button in paypal and it came back sold out. Still great for you Louise all sold in less than two minutes!
    Will try again next time.
    I have only recently found your podcast and just love it. Especially on weekend afternoons, sewing up my latest projects. I just wish the knitting world had been like it is now when 40 odd years ago when I start knitting in earnest. I would have loved a career in knitting but ended up as a librarian which has been mostly good, though libraries now suffer very badly with cuts, so the end of my working life is not looking so rosy. However to use your mantra – look for the positives – maybe my retirement can be fantastic with knitting at its heart.

  7. Lynne says

    This is a fantastic idea and would have loved to have been a sponsor. Keep up the great pod casts. Love hearing all you have to share and your ever growing knowledge on british sheep and yarns ❤

  8. My package of goodies arrived in San Rafael (across the Golden Gate from San Francisco) today and I am just thrilled! I am so glad I got up at 3:00 a.m. to try to sign up as a sponsor.

  9. Ah, they’ve all gone! That will teach me for getting behind on everything! Hoping this goes super well for you and you offer it again because I love the podcast and this looks like a fab way to support 🙂

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