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episode 76 – all views expressed are my own

Welcome in to another episode, it’s lovely to have you here

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I start this podcast with an important message and a bit of a raised voice. If you are the kind of person who likes free speech, standing up for your rights and the rights of your fellow human you can pretty much skip the the first 5 mins. Here…look at some of the positive images that I am clinging to (As Beyonce sings, Who Run The World?!),  whilst I talk to the one or two listeners who have told me this week that they aren’t interested in standing up for equality  et al.

For anyone who who misconstrues my words in the podcast, let me put it clearly here also…

This is primarily a podcast about wool and knitting and the powerful force that knitting can be in our lives. When I record this podcast I don’t put listeners into neat boxes or consider what your politics may be – because I consider us all to be unique.  I don’t talk about politics in any great deal (again, mainly all about the wool) but I definitely get to have an opinion and all views expressed in this podcast are my own. If you don’t like it, just don’t listen. Don’t put words in my mouth and read between my lines. Tune out and take your scorn elsewhere. If you want to come back and play nice, you’ll be welcomed. I’ll be here trying to cling to the positive and my knitting life (c)raft as usual.

Now, let’s get on with some wool shiz…yeah?! Cool.

| Cast off

I cast off the Fly Forward shawl in BFL/Masham in Ask colourway, from Yarns From The Plain.

I actually finished this before the new year, but only took photos recently. Superb pattern for mindless, soothing knitting and an incredible yarn too.

My other recent cast offs have been hats and review yarns. In the run up to EYF i’m going to be sharing a vendor or two with you and show you some of their wonderful wares. Don’t worry, I will ensure that what I share is also available on the vendor’s online places. Today we have a squidge of…

Lalland Lambswool from Di Gilpin

Di Gilpin released the Lalland yarn range a few years ago and the wool beautifully compliments her knitwear designs, which have strong connections to Scotland, the land and the sea. Di was very kind to send me some of her favourite shades to try out. I knew I wanted to try the deep storm petrel with the misty haar shade and so I cast on the Icelandic Hat from Knitting From The North.

As usual, you need to listen in for the full review, but in a nutshell this yarn is soft as soft can be, made from British lambswool, spun in Scotland and then double spun into a loose 4 plied strand in Yorkshire. There are 18 colours and each 50g ball has 175m. It costs £7.95. This yarn will be incredible for warm, but lightweight sweaters (I’m thinking Stasis) or lace shawls (haps!) .

Zwartbles Cheviot from Black Isle Yarns


Last week we met Julie and she talked about her business and the farms where she sources her fleece for her yarns. I mentioned I was swatching with her Zwartbles Cheviot yarn and wanted to give you a little taste of why I think it’s so special.

Both these fleeces make incredible workhorse yarns so together they really are the best of all worlds. The natural colour is a dark coal grey marl and I was eager to try crochet in this lovely rustic yarn. I just adore the texture of a granny square and so really wanted to see the fine fibry halo over the fabric. I was really impressed with the thick and springy nature of the crochet square and the lovely light sheen of the yarn. Because I love to try out a characterful yarn in garter I cast on the rikke hat (which I could knit forever!). Garter is so SPROINGY in this yarn! Whatsmore the crisp yarn really softens up when washed and blocked. I can pretty much wear any wool next to my skin, but even my hairline can protest at the softest wool, but this isn’t even prickling me there. I believe this is one of those great yarns that will make heritage garments that will last years and keep on looking good.

Unfortunately this was the last of the Zwartbles Cheviot but there will be more to come – good! cos I need a sweater. But it is not quite the last. Julie has give then the very last skein to you as a prize! Get on over to the Ravelry group, find the entry thread and be in with a chance to win this lovely, characterful yarn.

KnitBritish Woolly Muckers 

UPDATE – The spots all sold out – listen in to hear more next time. And thanks to absolutely everyone who was interested

I posted about this earlier this week – the listener sponsor spots go on sale at 11am today. See that earlier post for all the details (or indeed, listen to the podcast). I also want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement for this. You can see all the contents of the woolly muckers bundle in the video below and in buying a bundle you are agreeing to be a feature sponsor of the KB podcast in 2017.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks! Come back for more woolly goodness next time, if you can!

Thanks so much for listening and for your support and enthusiasm for KB!

| Information

Music: Carefree by Kevin McLeod and Singin’ in The Rain (demo) by David Mumford – Both are on FreeMusicArchive and are both shared under Creative Commons Attribution license. Images are copyright to those attributed, otherwise they are mine. All reviews were for wool that was given to be free, in exchange for an honest review. Source links for PUSSYHAT images – New Yorker Magazine – Time Magazine – Emma Welford Postcard –


  1. Mrs Jeffries says

    Dear Mrs. KnitBritish,

    Thank you for recently adding into your show notes when and where in your podcast there is strong language and alternative when you delve into topics of personal interest that are political or otherwise. I like your podcast and I appreciate all you have taught me about wool/fiber/knitting. Just because I do not use strong language and am truly not political that does not mean that I do not value and respect you. Because I do. You are a knitting informational source that is qualified though experience. Thank you for being kind to your vast audience. You DO understand that we come from all parts of the world/religions/lifestyles/viewpoints. But we are all knitters, isn’t that fabulous?! Thank you again for allowing me to continue to enjoy your podcast even with a simple little fast forward from time to time. You are a nice lady ????

    • louise says

      that is a lovely comment. thank you so much. I will say where there is strong language in the shownotes and mark as explicit if I use the F bomb. thanks so much again

  2. I just finished listening. Thank you for another great episode!! You have pointed me to so many different types of yarns (and the people involved). I come here specifically to listen to your opinions about yarn but also otherwise. It’s what makes this podcast so special!!

  3. Marilyn F says

    Thank you for your positivity on craft and its contribution to the well being of all of us no matter what the circumstances are in the world and no matter who we are. Very nicely said!!!

  4. Ann Shepherd says

    Not sure whether it’s the done thing but had to say how chuffed I was to find ‘Knitting From The North’ for just £5.00 at a well known high street discount bookshop recently. Hadn’t bought it at full price because I have so many knitting books and patterns already that I didn’t feel I could justify it and didn’t really want to buy it without seeing it first. (Never can be sure that garment sizes will be big enough!). Needn’t have worried though, lovely book. Books and yarn, my 2 favourite buys and even better at a bargain price.

  5. Brenda Hemby says

    Thank you. I truly enjoy your podcast and appreciate your opinions. All of them. I look forward to each episode and thank you for investing so much of yourself to produce them.

  6. Susan Hobkirk says

    Waiting in a car park for my daughter at Bristol Airport as there was a medical emergency on her plane and it was turned back to Glasgow. Once the poorly person was dispatched in an ambulance, she is now on her way. So, what to do for an hour? Listen to the 2nd half of 75 and all of 76. Uninterrupted and in peace. Heaven.

  7. Karen L says

    Lovely job on the Fly Forward shawl, Louise! So glad for you that you are getting lots of knitting time and hope that it’s bringing you lots of joy.

  8. africandaffodil says

    I saved up episode 75 and this one for comfort purposes when my husband left yesterday for five months overseas. And now small boy has come down with the pox so we’re quarantined as well… However two pleasant evenings spent listening to woolly interviews and reviews and everything else have cheered me enormously. I was working on my BlackerpodKAL while listening and I wish you happy knitting vibes for yours.

  9. Chris Smith says

    Love all your podcasts Louise, including and especially the political and sweary bits. I’m with you – our crafts are an essential refuge from the increasingly horrific political events of recent times and you acknowledging these is a real comfort.
    I was so disappointed to miss out on Wolly Muckers at 11.01. ☹️
    Thanks again, listening to you is a real treat. I also love the ‘Singing in the Rain’ sections – I love this version so much I want it at my funeral!
    Chris Smith

  10. Dear Louise, I am so thrilled that you enjoyed the Lalland and made it into such a Fab hat! So looking forward to seeing you and so many folk in Edinburgh….my pins are flying at the moment! I loved your podcast…first one I have sat down and listened too and it was brilliant…I will be listening again! xx

  11. Tillytrout says

    Oh Louise! I do love you and your podcast. You are a force for good and positivity in this world! Thank you for all of that!
    Ps Mr Trout loves it when you swear..he sits in his chair doing the crossword and I see him quietly giggling away. I raise my eyebrow at him and he pretends he isn’t listening

  12. Jayne says

    Hello, I’m from Wisconsin, USA. I have been amazed at the support of the international podcast community in supporting those of us here in the US who are just as upset! I’ll say no more, except thank you. I am so appreciative of your support!

    I missed out on your support bundles. I’m really bummed, because I would have purchased one in a heartbeat. Well, just know that a listener in Wisconsin supports you and thanks you for your support! Can’t wait for the next podcast!

  13. Linda says

    Good Morning Louise,
    I am Linda in Texas. Bravo! Thank you for standing up for free speech.
    I am a big fan of yours but more so now. Thanks Again

  14. Here from Alabama, a Deep South US state and not one of the particularly-friendly-to-tolerance ones. Discovered your podcast just before you posted the pussyhat episode. Sticking around not solely, but certainly partially, because you posted that episode and the next one. Please know you have supporters who applaud your belief in human rights and your willingness to link them to woolly fibery creativity. You’re marvelous. Keep on. And thank you.

  15. Susan Blake says

    Dear Louise: Hooray for you, and your podcast that inspires and sustains. My knitting is one of the things that really sustains me all the time, and even more in these difficult times. I am distressed by the number of egotists and narcissists in today’s society, and truly believe that we must remember and associate with good people, and ignore the others. Hooray for saying to the person that he/she does not have to listen, and please come back when they are ready to play nicely. I totally support you and your belief that it is your podcast! Brava! You are right to speak out, and I look forward to more wonderful blogs, Susan from the San Francisco Bay Area

  16. Hello from Central PA.
    I just wanted to reach out and thank you for standing up for free speech. I feel more worried about humanity and the world each passing day. Knitting is my salvation and knitting to your podcast is just icing on the cake. I appreciate the time you took to speak your truths even if it was not completely related to knitting. The world is intertwined and we humans cannot be separated from another regardless of race, religion, or political opinions.

    • Susan Blake says

      So eloquent. So well written. Thank you for your thoughts. I agree with all that you wrote. Knitting is my refuge. Susan from Northern California

  17. Lorna Parsons says

    Thanks for the shout out for my Akin hat. I was listening to your podcast on a plane flying home from Budapest to Dublin. I couldn’t believe it when I heard my Ravelry name – and it was hard to explain to my husband why I was so excited!

    I love your podcasts – and your opinions. Don’t ever stop sharing them with us – and all the lovely local wool.

  18. Sal Wade says

    Louise, I am pretty new to your podcast, but loving every minute of it. I even have gotten my husband to listen and he is now a fan, although he’s not a knitter. I just wanted to let you know that I participated in the Women’s March in DC last January, and it was transformative in terms of showing me that people (men, women, children, gay, straight, trans, everything else) of all backgrounds and orientations are keenly interested in joining together to build a stronger, more diverse yet more cohesive and respectful, loving and healthy world. It has been a very difficult, depressing, anxiety-provoking, and sometimes inspiring year. As we approach the anniversary of the inauguration, my most firm beliefs are that open and free speech is foundational to democracy. I very much appreciate your direct but respectful and honest voice. Thanks for that.

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