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Wool Exploration: The rest of the flock for 2018

On episode 101 I announced the next four breeds for our collective Wool Exploration. Jacobs is our next one, of course, and the deadline for your reviews for the Jacobs is 9th April.  It may seem super early, but so many of you are so dang keen!

Update: I’ve decided to add a link to each episode we discuss the findings in, to help with anyone joining in and late to the party. You are more than welcome to play catch up. I’ve also added the last two breeds to this list.

The next four breed yarns for us to relish are..


© Copyright Paul Buckingham

Episode 105 – In Fine Fettle


© Copyright N Chadwick

Episode 106 – cosy and tempting!

Dorset Down / Dorset Horn / Poll Dorset

[c] RBST

Episode 107 – I will never just stick to the knitting.


We will look at Southdown in episode 108

[c] Amanda Slater

How do I take part in Wool Exploration?

Each month there will be a specific breed for you to seek out;

  • We must use a yarn that comprises 100% of the chosen breed wool – no blends
  • That yarn can be any weight (lace, 4ply, DK, &c).
  • You can knit or crochet any design into a nice big swatch
  • We will follow the same Wool Exploration guidelines, upload our reviews as a ravelry project.
  • Your notes should also be transferred into our exploration google form, which collates all our info.

You can use dyed or natural wool, hand-spun, commercial spun, or limited edition, small batch – the idea is that we will discover everything we can about that breed wool in a review and I will report these findings each month on the podcast. There will be so much to learn.

We will have a chat thread for each breed and I will preface each new exploration with a blog post – watch out for the Jacobs post next week.  Remember you don’t have to commit to every single month of exploration, just jump in and out as you like!

Update: The final two breeds for 2018 shall be

Manx Loaghtan

Image: Jane Cooper. Shared via creative commons

Deadline for cast off 14th October


look at that face and those horns…and that fleece! (my image)

Deadline for cast off 18th November


And fear not! Wool Exploration will continue into 2019 – watch this space!


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