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I weave now! You must be the last to know as I have told pretty much everyone since Edinburgh Yarn Festival that I have bought a loom!

It is an ashford sampleit loom, which is a rigid heddle and is about 20cm in width – perfect for practising and seeing if I am any cop at this weaving lark.

Here is my first go. I was using Guernsey yarn, dyed by The Yarn Yard and this was from deeeeeep stash. 


Edges were a bit messy and I was beating the weft yarn a little tightly at times, but I was well chuffed with the result, which I quickly fulled a little, in the washing machine.


As soon as it was off the loom I very quickly warped it up again. This time I used more of the berry coloured Yarn Yard, and unidentified light, golden brown merino (Again deeeeeep stash) and the last of my Yarn Pony Highland Pony alpaca yarn for a nice golden yellow flash.


For the weft I have been using a combination of Zwartbles, Alpaca Sparkle, from Black Bat Rare Breed yarns (given to me by the lovely Felix Ford) and some hebridean 4ply. 


I’m beating less like I mean it this time and enjoying watching it grow.

Still going a little wonky in places though


Definitely enjoying the process though and looking forward to practising more!


  1. These are gorgeous! What a wonderful new hands-on perspective on wool and textile. This is so inspiring! You REALLY, I mean REALLY, make me want to try it too. I have actually been looking into looms since you mentioned this on your podcast. I’ll contact you directly to pick your brains on potential suppliers as I remember you had issues with some.

  2. May Olson says

    Good for you. I have 2 rigid heddle looms and love them. Weaving is so relaxing.I really enjoy Syne Mitchell’s Weavecast podcast. They are not new but there are loads of weaving helps and she interviews many great teachers and artists.

  3. Thats beautiful ! it’s so wonderful seeing another weaver start out on their journey into the woven fabric making world 🙂 I’ve been weaving for a couple of years now and found a load of brilliant youtube vids out there to help with my own technique, but selvedges can always be a bit of a nuisance… my only tip to pass on from one weaver to another is relax into your own rhythm and angle your weft down slightly as you weave it in. I was given this advice from a truely awesome weaver friend and it really helped my wobbly first attempts!! good luck and happy weaving xxx

  4. Nice! I bought a 15″ Schact rigid heddle loom at Yarndale, after much research beforehand. I have woven some scarves and cotton tea towels. you. I second May Olsen’s recommendation regarding the Weavecast podcast. Also there is a rigid heddle group on Facebook which has loads of useful resources and tips. Enjoy.

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