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KnitBritish survey

I am very lucky that I have an incredible community around me here at KnitBritish and I hope that you might be interested in taking a few minutes to give me some feedback. In the spirit of my word for 2016 – momentum – I have created a short-ish survey. 

I know I can always rely on you for your suggestions, advice and feedback and part of this survey contains some of those suggestions. I can’t promise I will be able to introduce everything you want, or do so right away, but I will definitely look at how I can try to incorporate them or make them feasible. For example, you probably all know of my intense dislike of having a personal facebook account, but many of you have asked for a KnitBritish page that you can use to like and share posts and extend the community over there – I can definitely consider doing that…I think.

It is also good to know how you are enjoying KnitBritish and if not, what you don’t like so much. I encourage the use of the white spaces. I can do constructive criticism, so if there is something you don’t enjoy please let me know. (though if it is my voice, I just suggest you listen to something else 😉 )

All feedback will be genuinely considered and once I close the survey I will be discussing the results and what I aim to do in terms of keeping momentum.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to do it. I really want to keep the content from here with a focus on you. You can fill out the survey below or follow this link.


  1. Moyra Simpson says

    I’m a lurker …. don’t know anybody else who listens/reads, but I feel part of the community.

    Things I love – your accent, particularly when you say Shetland … and your pronunciation of katie davies’ new yarn … I still don’t know how to say it!

    When the podcat rubs up against the mike.

    When you talk about the Edinburgh Yarn Festival or Shetland Wool Week – I haven’t been, but one day I really hope to go.

  2. I think you are doing a great job, with passion and enthusiasm. I wish there were more like you and not only in the craft side of the industry!
    Thank you.

    • louise says

      Martin, thank you! And thank you for all your support; your sharing of posts and tweets, and your comments. I really appreciate that

      • Come and see us sometime, we have the UK Spinzilla team visiting us in February and will get the Royal Tour and hopefully an interesting talk about wool!
        With sufficient notice we can arrange visits to the scouring and combing operations. Organised groups are welcome but access can be difficult for those less mobile. It is an industrial site so you get the full monty……

        • louise says

          well this reminds me that Felicity and I need to arrange the tour for the WOVEMBER winners with you, at Haworth. I will send you an email before the end of the month and we can see when would be a good time.

          • louise says

            I think it will need to be after that, as Edinburgh Yarn Festival and other things are taking a bit of precedence, but I will yap with felix and get back to you

  3. Sara W says

    I love your blog and podcasts Louise. I generally lurk, with occasional comments, and echo what Moyra says about the sense of community. You are great at opening my eyes to different yarns and to events. (Thanks so much for the heads-up about the destash.) And I love the interviews and how you introduce us to different designers and the relationship between the design and the yarn. But best of all is your clear passion and enthusiasm for all things woolly. Thank you.

  4. Susan A says

    I love listening to the podcast,as others have said it makes you feel like part of a like minded community.
    As I am not of the age brought up with social media etc, I learned today that I too must be a “lurker”,who knew!
    I would like to wish you continued success with all your woolly endeavours,spinning, knitting and podcasting, it’s great to go on an adventure with a like minded soul.

  5. Louise I think your podcast is a gem and a true gift to the knitting world. Your support to industry comrades is amazing and always feels very genuine. I also enjoy your Sonic creativity, the little sounds and musical interludes you include, and the warm and down to earth atmosphere in which you wrap it all. I love the thoroughness of your yarn reviews and the enthusiasm of your KALs. And the humour of such gems as WIPS OF DOOM is inspired. Hurrah for Knit British and the talents of comrade Scollay. Xxx

  6. lucy says

    I have only just found the podcast in the last week or two but have listened to most of the back catalogue. I have learnt loads, been enthused to learn more and have ‘forced’ Knitty grinds to listen too. Thank you so much for your laugh, your enthusiasm – it really is catching! I am still humming the Knitting kitten Blues btw!

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