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KnitBritish Festive Advent: day one

Christmas is actually coming – it’s the 1st December and I can’t hold it off any more!

So, to stop me from going totally baah humbug I have decided I am going to attempt a short post a day, in order to bolster my festive feelings – if I find any!

It might be a photo, a pattern pick…anything that makes me feel a bit less Scrooge and a bit more falalalala lalala la.

Today I am knitting on Vedbaek, by Karie Westermann. I am knitting this as a favour to my mam who wanted a lovely shawl for her fella’s mum’s Christmas gift.

As you know, I don’t often “do requests”, but my mam never asks. She and her own lovely fella have been together a year now and she truly deserves happiness after the past few years of less-than-happiness.

This Vedbaek is being knitted in John Arbon Viola DK I and it’s knitting up fast.
It’s the only gift knitting I am doing this year and very enjoyable it is too!


  1. pat j says

    Hey…I truely understand the baah humbug feeling ..have decided if thats the way I feel , I am doing something wrong…think we all are if we feel that. way
    Its time for a change..we all put too much pressure on ourselves

    I think we all need to do a collective sigh, do less and find a way to spend time with the people we love, and just enjoy the simle things , a shortbread , a good cup of tea, and maybe a trip out for dinner and no presents

    Cheers pat j

    • louise says

      actually we are doing something similar to the tea and shortbread idea for family members. I feel Christmas is really for kids, in the present-giving stakes, and we really don’t need expensive gifts.

  2. pat j says

    Ps the shawl for your mom, LOL ,make her the gift exception, shortbread and tea for the rest !!! Pat j

  3. Elaine says

    Today I knitted a lovely woolly hat for Small Child and will work on a cowl to go with it. It’s quite cold here now. That’s it for Holiday gifts for me. We only put little bits and pieces in the stockings any more.
    I’m so happy that you’re knitting for your Mam’s friend. Knitting is a warm cozy feeling!!

  4. What a lovely thing to do for your mam. And what a pretty shawl too. I’m sure it will be well loved.

    Looking forward to the Advent posts. I’m sure they’ll get us all in the mood. x

  5. I’m not doing any knitted gifts this year at all. I feel like a weight has been lifted. Next year I may gather up knits throughout the year to be gifted at Christmas, but this year I am putting NO pressure on myself. One gift though is acceptable 😉 Vedbaek is even more acceptable because it is a fun and easy knit.

    What is Viola like to knit with? I’ve not tried it yet.

    • louise says

      soft and full of air! I knit an Age of Brass and Steam in it, which has been washed twice and it is still smooshy and full of bounce and warmth.

  6. Terri says

    Well Louise, Christmas arrived today for me – the Chrissie Day BFL has landed and I have to thank you for podcasting about this sensational yarn – it’s heavenly and I can’t stop looking at and squishing it! You were not exaggerating in your praise for this amazing yarn – can’t believe how lovely it is :))
    Our actual Christmas will be very low key this year, my mum passed away in February and she spent every Christmas (as well as most days) with us so it’s going to be a strange one – probably will need a few drams to get through!
    Have to admit to usually being a bit baa humbug about Christmas and then panicking at the last minute feeling guilty – there is way to much pressure to spend, spend, spend.

    Love the shawl – might have to add that to my to-do- list, not for Christmas pressies, but for me!

    • louise says

      Sorry to hear that, Terri. I know how you feel. Our family have had a lot of losses over the last few years. Christmas can be very tough, New Year too. But I have to think that they wouldn’t want us to be sad. They would want us to raise a glass and a chuckle in their direction. Will be thinking of you!

      So glad you love the yarn. Chrissie can’t believe that it is sold out now!

  7. LauraSue says

    You can’t go wrong with Vedbaek. I would totally knit another one and I like the idea of doing one in a bigger yarn. It would be even faster then! I got the Vedbaek bug thanks to Knit British, Stitched Together, and Fiber Trek. Triple whammy.

  8. Susan says

    That is a beautiful colour and knitting up beautifully. Good on you for taking the pressure OFF!! Looking foreward to your next posts…hee hee, as you can see I’m a bit behind on that!!

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