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Ginger Twist Giveaway!

In the latest episode of the KnitBritish podcast I had a little bit of a giveaway palooza with The Bletchley Collection book, by Joanne Scrace with Eden Cottage Yarns AND this lovely yarn from Ginger Twist Studio.

To avoid the confusion of two giveaway entries on the one post, I thought I would have a separate one for the yarn. You can enter the competition for The Bletchley Collection by following this link. 

To be eligible to win this gorgeous skein of 100% British BFLl Super Sheep Aran from Ginger’s Hand Dyed, in colour selkie, please visit Ginger Twist Studio and leave a comment telling me your favourite colourway OTHER THAN selkie.

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The competition will close on Tuesday, 31st March and this competition is only open to those in the UK and Ireland




  1. I think Grey Gardens is really beautiful, and also Little Cat Feet – so difficult to pick out a favourite, but I love the idea of fog-coloured yarn, so maybe the Little Cat Feet!

  2. Liz Allardyce says

    For me there is no competition. It has to be “father of funk”.

    (Says she, sitting in her purple pj’s, socks and slippers)

  3. perclexed says

    I am digging Je Suis Prest, but in a fight between it and Lallybroch, I think Lallybroch may win.

  4. Jamie Walcott says

    Not fair- Selkie is to die for, but I also like Je Suis Prest. Very beautiful!

  5. Difficult choice with those beautiful colours, but would think it would have to be Father of Funk!

  6. Theresa Pilsbury says

    If I had to choose it’d be Je Suis Prest – but they’re all lovely

  7. Sherlock_knits says

    For me it would have to be Little Cat Feet. Apart from the gorgeous grey colour, I think it would be a fitting tribute to the eight little cat feet that live with me!

  8. Carol Christie says

    My favourite Ginger’s Hand-dyed colourway is Witching Hour. No, Girl on Fire. No, Witching Hour. It’s a close thing…

  9. Sue Lindsay says

    Father of Funk….I mean seriously that’s both a great name and a wow of a colour!

  10. Patricia says

    Oh so hard to choose I’m quite partial to the witching hour but the Scottish play has tweaked my interest from the new kids and becoming a favourite.

  11. Julia says

    My favourite colour is Tink. Although if I checked again tomorrow it might change, there are lots of lovely colours!

  12. Jules says

    Gosh! That’s a tough one, I like Hocus Pocus and have some in my stash which will eventually be a TCK Raindrop sweater but my all time favourite is one that I don’t think is on the website, Big Red again I have some in my stash and again it will be knitted with this time TCK Lush cardigan.

  13. For some reason, I’m really drawn to Lallybroch. It’s not one of my typical colours, but it seems to have a depth that I really like the look off….wish I could see it in person!

  14. Katy says

    I’d go for Grey Gardens, a swirl of soft sea-foam, fab! That’s if I was restricted to super Super Sheep Aran of course!

  15. Abby says

    So difficult! I am a sucker for greeny yellows, so I absolutely adore Gorblimey, but I also love the intensity of The Scottish Play. So one of those two!

  16. Alison says

    Hocus Pocus for me. What a fabulous and complex colour. Thank you for the giveaway.

  17. Mazzy says

    I was watching a documentary about James Brown last night, so it has to be Father of Funk for me.

  18. Penny Richardson says

    In the Aran it is Grey Gardens but across the whole shop I LOVE Girl on Fire!

  19. Alice Jeffcott says

    Who doesn’t love a round, deep, luxurious purple….. Father of Funk. Now I don’t know how to replicate in text a James-Brown-style yelp!

  20. Silvercloud says

    For me it has to be Je Suis Prest, it suddenly reminded me of a batwing jumper I knitted on large needles in exactly those hues as a teenager back in the 60s. Long since gone to the great yarn stash in the sky of course, but happy memories have been reawakened!

  21. Jane says

    Je Suis Prest is beautiful with those intense dark blues and greens just waiting to be revealed.

  22. Je Suis Prest is a gorgeous colour, full of surprises and ‘I am ready’ to knit with it!

  23. Sara says

    So many gorgeous colours but Persuasion has twisted my arm to choose it.

  24. Carol says

    The Witching Hour for me. Although I love all the blue shades. I might have chosen Selkie if it had been allowed.

  25. Angela says

    So many beautiful colours. If you twist my arm to choose I’d go with Father of Funk

  26. Margaret North says

    Definitely Father of Funk – particularly as I am approaching that age when I am thinking I should wear purple as Jenny Joseph says in her poem “Warning”. Only joking, I just love purple but then again I also love most shades of green.

  27. Helen Davidson says

    It would have to Father of Funk to make a scarf for my lovely husband who is a big fan of James Brown! It would truly be a funky accessory.

  28. difficult, they are all so gorgeous, tempted by Father of Funk, but Hocus Pocus would make such a lovely cowl to wear with my winter coat.

  29. Charlotte says

    Little Cat Feet – for the Edinburgh haar stealing in from the sea!

  30. Charlotte says

    My favourite colourway in this yarn would be Je Suis Prest, although they are all beautiful!

  31. Quiltercaroline says

    I love the Father of funk colourway, so pretty. Thank you c

  32. Bron says

    If it came to a fight, it would be between Je Suis Prest and Hocus Pocus, and I reckon Je Suis Prest would win thanks to those glorious flashes of green. But only just!

  33. Nicola says

    Je Suis Prest is my favourite too – gosh, it’s a popular choice!

  34. OH It simple has to be ‘little cat feet’ not only because it is such as ssoft lovely colour but it also has an adorable name too.

  35. Aurelie says

    Hocus Pocus. Because I love the sound of the name (and the dark colour too) 🙂

  36. Gillian Borland says

    So tough! However, it would probably have to be Witching Hour. Unless I change my mind!

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