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episode 78 – British stash invasion

Welcome back to the podcast – this episode we are all just a very big bit excited about Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

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| Show notes

(this episode’s show notes are a little shorter down to all the things I need to do pre-EYF, it doesn’t happen often!)

| British Wool at EYF

I’m so excited about the amount of British wool represented at EYF this year. I’m giving you a run down of those I’m excited to be seeking out. If you can’t visit Edinburgh, all of these yarn companies have online shops, so visit the links below.


Fact: It was Uradale Wool I was knitting with when i decided to Knit British!

Uradale/Aalmerk wool, from Shetland, on stand A9
Ardalanish , from the Isle of Mull, on stand C2
Blacker (obvs!) on stand N1 in the PodcastLounge
Cambrian Mountain Wool, from Wales, on stand B3
Garthenor, organic British wool, on stand M1
Home Farn Wensleydale on stand F5
Iona Wool on stand D4
Uist Wool on stand F4
Update:I mention Black Bat Rare Breed in this podcast, but they are now unable to attend.

What is on your EYF shopping list? I’ve been procrastinating and made a pinterest board! If you like to plan out your own shopping, look at the great print-out The Little Grey Girl (stand g4) has made to make that a bit easier for you.


Blacker Yarns are launching a new yarn soon and will be previewing this at EYF. We’re VERY lucky here, guys, as Sonja has just sent me a little sample to try. Samite is a woollen spun, drape laden yarn which is a blend of 30% BFL, 40% Shetland, 10% Gotland (from Sue’s own flock) and 20% of Ahimsa silk. The result is a yarn which has a real depth of colour and has a luxurious silken tweed look.  Blacker say

Samite is our homage to the history of textile manufacturing. With fifteen shades inspired by the pre-Raphaelite and Arts and Crafts movements, and colour names selected from late nineteenth century poetry, we wanted to pay tribute to the value Victorians placed on unique and thoughtfully crafted objects. The very special silk content of Samite inspired us to name the range after the opulent woven silk fabrics produced in Medieval Europe. 
This truly is a yarn for creating heirlooms. Its 3-ply thickness requires time to work up, but Samite will repay your dedication with a strikingly unique garment that lasts.

It will be available as a 3ply, 100g skeins/460 metres. You will need to listen in, as usual, for my full review. Ensure you sign up to Blacker’s newsletter so you know when Samite hits the shop.

Sonja is also going to give two short sessions in the Podcast Lounge (4pm both days) where you can get an up close squish of these yarns and ask any questions about the range.


The KAL ends on Saturday 4th ! I cannot believe the amount of awesome work we’ve seen in this KAL – Just look at our FO threads. Don’t forget we’re having a meet up at EYF on Saturday 11th at 11am and if you cannot come to EYF remember and post your FOs in the FOMO thread, as we will be having a draw after EYF for a woolly prize. Those wearing there KAL items at EYF will get 15% off at the Blacker stall.

Let’s Make a Podcast 
If you are taking part in the Lets Make a Podcast Challenge you’ll have no doubt read my latest post . At 3pm I hope to see you come up to the Lounge to draw your challenge. All details are in the pdf link below. These aren’t expertly crafted tips – they are just quick and dirty and all you should need for this challenge. (Also, may I add that no one is perfect. I had to record this segment twice because i ballsed it up!)

 >>Click here for a handy pdf to bring with you<<

I hope you will be able to come up to the Lounge and say hello! If you are in the KB Ravelry group jump into the thread about EYF there and tell us if you are gonna be there.

The podcast is back later this month and I will be looking at Jen Arnall-Culliford’s A Year of Techniques, there will be a giveaway and you will meet our first mucker sponsor!


  1. Jenny says

    Great podcast as always Louise. I HAD finalised my list of vendors to visit at EYF but have had to add more to it! I’m also increasing my project list to buy for! Really really looking forward to EYF. I’ll be there on Saturday and will come and say hello wearing my sweater knit in the fantastic Blacker Tamar

  2. Lea says

    Another great episode – and yes I am ever so slightly jealous of everyone going to EYF – I will make it one day but for now somebody has to feed the kids 😉 Thank you for reviewing Blacker Samite – I am really looking forward to trying this yarn. Blacker quality and silk you don’t have to feel bad about, this is going to be awesome!!!!
    I hope everyone going to EYF is going to have a brilliant time!

    • Angela Smith says

      Hope you make it one day – my first time this year (kids are looking forward to a ‘Dad Day’ which is also known as ‘No fruit or vegetables shall pass our lips’ day!!)

  3. Louise says

    Such a brilliant podcast! You’ve inspired me to sort out my stash and plan my projects. I hope everyone has a lovely time at EYF, I wish I could go!

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