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Part two: The EYF unwinding continues

Back with part two of the my meander back through the Edinburgh Yarn Festival

UPDATE: Due to space I can no longer host the audio files on the blog, please use your favourite podcatcher or right click the Podgen link below, to listen in a new tab (y’know, so you can also refer to the shownotes whilst you listen!)

You can also listen on iTunes , any podcatcher, or my Podgen page.

There seems to be a wee bit of difference in sound between the audio and the recorded interviews. Sorry about that! Use your volume as you wish. All the links were in episode 25 part one, so get that cuppa and a WIP and enjoy.

One of the most abiding memories for me of the Edinburgh Yarn Festival is the feeling of community and connectedness – it was so strong that it gave me goosebumps – friends, knitters, podcasters, listeners, buyers, vendors, makers, artists, crochets, weavers, spinenrs, dyers….we were a big old bunch of connected due to this festival. Thanks so much to Jo and Mica for pulling off the mightiest yarn gig ever!

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I have one wee non-EYF related bit of news. There will be a Social Media knit night for the Hap-along on the cast on day of Friday 10th April. I will bring you further details of this soon, but as the next podcast is due out on the 10th I thought I better tell you!

The saving starts for 2015

The saving starts for EYF 2016


  1. Karen says

    Dear Louise,
    I wish that I could have been at the EYF, and so therefore greatly appreciated the video, in addition to all that you have shared with your audience.
    Our (Canadian)family lived in Lincolnshire 1991-93, and made three trips to Scotland. (We even spent one whole day at New Lanark Mill in 1992.) It would be lovely to return someday. In the meantime, I enjoy Scotland vicariously through knitting podcasts and blogs.
    Thank you so much,

  2. LauraSue says

    I only have one question. Why were all the chairs and sofas covered with sheets? Did they think knitters would be particularly messy?

    • louise says

      throws – not sheets! They added to the “comfy cosiness” of the area. (But considering the tea and cake spilled over them by the end of the weekend they were very handy – cos yes, some people/knitters are messy!)

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