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Episode 109 – A very quick catch up!

Hello! Welcome back after a late summer break!

I’ve not had any time to rest on my laurels and I’ve recorded for 2 special episodes which will be coming out over the next few weeks. I felt that we needed a very quick catch up before those, as it may be a wee while before our next regular show!

Just a few quick things to tell you about, no notes or links today.

Grab a WIP and a wee beverage and let’s have a quick catch up!



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Music: Singin’ in The Rain (demo) by David Mumford – On FreeMusicArchive and shared under Creative Commons Attribution license.




  1. Susan Hobkirk says

    Feeling your pain Louise. We move to Duns on Wednesday and my anxiety levels are off the scale! So much of what you said resonates deeply. My stash is in 16 plastic crates and is filling our spare room. Something has to go. See you on the other side if I make it. And did I mention that we move Wednesday and fly to NYC on Friday? Stressed? Moi? 😜

    • Louise says

      oh! You have all my empathy. I can also relate to the travel plans days after moving. My advice is pack your NY bags now so you don’t need to do it post-move. (i was only going to Uist, but i was very thankful to me from the past for packing the suitcase! ) Only unpack the essentials when you move & don’t feel you need to unpack quickly. This process is horrible, but it will be over soon!

      • Susan says

        Thanks Louise. I’ve already got the cases out for NY and we also have to stay in a hotel on Tuesday night too as moving 500 miles means a 4 day move. Thank god we have found an amazing forever home so I’m never doing this again. It also means I can do EYF for the first time and get there for a day trip!

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