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Natural Gradient Beauties: part three – transmuting

Having looked at designs which highlight the very best of what Mother Nature gave our sheepy friends, I thought that it might be an idea to think about transmuting some of our favourite colourful designs into natural shades….Let’s go grayscale! You may also see here that I use the term gradient very loosely.

Natural Gradient Beauties: making your own gradient yarn

We know that there are lots of gradient packs of coloured yarns out there….mini skeins of unicorn tails or teeny balls of yarns like gobstoppers, but there isn’t the same choice when it comes to the same for naturals there isn’t as much in terms of lovely packs or nuggets of naturally coloured loveliness.

However there are a few ways to work with what you might have in stash…and being a reader of KB you probably have quite a few natural British odds and ends, yes?! I thought so.