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The Mindfulness in Knitting

I was recently sent Rachael Matthew’s new book The Mindfulness in Knitting to review and what a lovely book this is! I mean to talk about this on the podcast too, but I have quite a few things to review and so while I will talk about some of the aspects of the book in a later episode, I thought it would be nice to mention the details here too.

From the Edge of the World: Foula Wool

As a local and a knitter I felt I should have kicked myself for not knowing about Foula Wool – Seven lovely natural Shetland sheepy shades, springy, soft and flecked with the natural variations in colour.
Magnus and Justyna from Foula Wool kindly agreed to an interview to tell us more….

Wrapped in wirsit

With knitting though I feel I am always learning and I love to challenge myself. I know I am not the greatest knitter in the world. I know I will never create masterpiece designs, but I truly get satisfaction from what I create. Maybe because I managed to knit with two colours at once (that was a big deal), maybe because I ripped that shawl back ten times before I got it right. A lot of the satisfaction of the thing is how you got to the finished object, isn’t it?