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Review: Tup Knits

It sure is start-itis season again! I’m finding myself spending a lot of free time on Ravelry and wondering what I’ve got right now in my stash that would suit ALL OF THE THINGS!
It’s crazy, isn’t it? But there definitely is an urge that sweeps through us knitters at this time of year and makes us want to cast everything on – if it is cosy, made from beautiful yarn and…more importantly…it is selfish knitting then we want them all.

Of course, it is very nearly Wovember too and so the urge to be wrapped in wool is near paramount. What more could you want that 100% wool knits? Well, how about 100% wool knits featuring SHEEP?

I want to say a huge thanks to Ann Kingstone, who sent me a copy of her new mini collection Tup Knits recently to review. I had been seeing her drop delicious sheepy-knit images on her social media in the run up to the booklet’s release and was delighted to be able to have a closer look.

You might recognise these beautiful, stocky, colourwork sheep from Ann’s cushion pattern Yan, Tan, Tether, which was released a couple of years ago (and I seem to remember we had a couple of YTT projects entered into the WovemberWAL that year!). Many of the designs in this collection are also accompanied by a stitch pattern called the Shepherd’s Plaid, which is based on an old weaving pattern and featured in a Victorian pattern from the Dales.

Dewlap cowl © Amelia Sobanski

Dewlap cowl showing the Shepherd’s Plaid inspired design © Amelia Sobanski

The booklet contains seven designs including the accessories the Dewlap cowl; Droving socks; Gimmers wrist warmers; Shornies Hat and the garments Tups, Wethers and Hoggett.

I love that you can choose to knit the sweater in a 4ply weight or a DK and I think you will agree they look great with both a bit of ease and a bit more fitted. Both these sweaters are knit seamlessly and top-down and are designed in the dreamy Blacker Swan yarns!

The accessories are beautiful too – perfect for that touch of sheepy goodness about your person  and if like me you are suffering from the “I WANT TO CAST ON ALL THE THINGS” syndrome you could whip up the full set. The hat, cowl and mitts are designed in the deliciously plump Dovestone DK from Baa Ram Ewe (which I talk about in this post) and the Drover socks are made in Eden Cottage Yarns Harewood.

I know I stressed how wonderful selfish knitting is,  at the start of this post, but if you have wee ones in your life – that Hoggett Cardi! It is the sweetest thing (and just about as darned cute as my other favourite Ann design for kids, Sweet William). And if you are all about the self-less knitting I think the hat, cowl, mitts and socks would be superb additions for your gift knitting this year. (I am not using the C word yet)

Yorkshire born and bred, Ann’s mini collection celebrates local sheep, British wool, traditional patterns and fun design and is shot on location too! As she says in the book – “Put your passion in your fashion”!

The booklet costs £12.00 for the e-book version. The patterns are beautifully set out with schematics and I really like the print size – no squinting here!

Ann sold out of the first run of the printed booklet at Yarndale, but paper and ink versions will soon be available, via her website, from mid-to-end of November. Keep an eye on for that, if you like a physical book, otherwise get downloading from Ravelry! You can also buy single patterns from the book too.

| Information

Again, in the interests of full disclosure I was sent a copy of this booklet free in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid for the review and these are my genuine opinions. Images used are copyright to © Amelia Sobanski and are used with Ann’s kind permission. Please do not use these images without seeking prior consent. 


  1. Freyalyn says

    It’s a lovely collection of designs – Anne is very talented. I’ve known her since before she’s been designing, and she’s going from strength to strength.

    Mark wandered off at Yarndale (Anne’s stall was just down from ours, and Baa Ram Ewe the other side) and came back with two skeins of Dovestone for a sheepy hat for Christmas!

  2. Bronchitikat says

    Beautiful designs. Definitely want them but am currently full up with pre-Christmas knitting.

    BTW – do yoked jumpers/cardigans have to have such wide necks? I’d definitely find that draughty. & yes, I know, that’s what shawls and cowls are for, but . . .

    • louise says

      No, they don’t all have wide necks, it is just down to individual style of the designer. You could do more short rows and close it up more.
      Kate Davies’ Yokes book has designs with wide and less wide necks

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