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KnitBritish Festive Advent: day four

Mug £9.50 from KellyConnorDesigns, etsy

I used to hate mis-matched mugs in my kitchen.

Then I started to knit and a whole world of knit-inspired products began to appeal. Project bags, tote bags, tee-shirts, mugs…..

This mug has been on my ‘Items I Love’ list, on etsy, for a while…it makes me smile inanely.

While some companies can produce “knit” inspired products, many of the people behind them have probably never even seen a pair of knitting needles, let alone employed a pair. But there are some makers out there who do get it and really hit the mark.

If you are looking for a fun gift for a knitter I do think etsy is a great place to look and Kelly Connor Designs hits that mark for me. Her shop is filled with bags and mugs with great humour and attitude – I particularly love this Ian Dury inspired bag.

Perfect for a festive hot chocolate….or spiked hot chocolate!
And if you can’t find a knit-product that does it for you, make your own. This is one of my very favourite mugs which thelovelyfella got me for my birthday…clever lovelyfella.


  1. Elaine says

    My favorite sheep mug is my orange one with a sheep cartoon lying flat on his back with legs in the air. Caption says “Lay Flat To Dry”.

  2. I have no knitting related mugs & feel this needs to be remedied.

    Maye I should hint at Boy.

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