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EYF2015 in pictures

I’m going to need to decompress and take stock but the Edinburgh Yarn Festival was a magical thing and here are a few pictures to share with you of me and some incredible chums having all the fun of the festival. I will post properly soon!

setting up day


Felix rehearses the ca-baa-ret


two thumbs up


wool squish preview


Cagney & Lacey like alpaca


walls of Shetland wool


Ysolda’s beautiful stall


Ange of Weft Blown and i.


Hazel had a squish


Suuf tries some Hill breed yarn


exceptional lovelies at Eden cottage


sunday morning giggling in the lounge


Lots of questions for Karie



Chilling in the lounge


Squishing was popular! JoAnne Scrace joined in too


*Some of my purchases from Laura’s Loom


squeeeshing fingers





  1. That looks like so much fun. I wish I’d been there and having seen the pics, I’m definitely going to have to make it next year.

    Glad it went so well

  2. It was such a wonderful festival and great to meet you. The Podcast lounge was a terrific place to put down the stuff and knit and chat with people. I wish I could have come on the Sunday too but had an early afternoon train and didn’t want to risk missing it. And thanks for being a big enabler – after chatting with you, I did go and buy a loom from Once a Sheep. I was amazed how light it was. Now I can’t wait to start weaving, although the set-up intimidates me somewhat. Whew – I’m so happily exhausted from the weekend.

  3. Jenn Bolton says

    I’m so jealous!
    I want to move back ‘home’ so badly…
    Stuck in Qatar at the moment…

    How many peeps were there? Did they have lots of spinning demo’s?
    What about spindles? Were there any new types?

    Living vicariously through you!

  4. Lydia Sage says

    Gosh, what fun it all looks! So pleased you all had fun I know how hard you all worked to set it all up. Just a little too far for me to travel from the other side of the world….

  5. That was quick off the mark! I set up my loom last night – next thing to do is to dress the warp, which I’ll probably do AS SOON as I get home tonight <3 So lovely to meet you, can't wait till next time 😉

    • louise says

      Have you written any weaving songs yet?? Oh so lovely to meet you. You’re my kinda people! Let’s loom!

  6. LauraSue says

    The podcast lounge sheep logo is the BEST. I want it in a button!

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